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Maise is a young (born October '07), traditionally marked female BC, and is a lovely combination of intensity and biddable sanity. At 35 lbs. she's quite petite (affectionately referred to in her foster home as "the pocket Border Collie"), although solidly built.

She didn't have as much exposure to new things in her first home as she could have, and can still be a little barky when she first meets people, but has improved steadily since she has been at her foster home, and within a minute or so is trying to crawl into the new person's lap for a cuddle. She's quite waggy and affectionate (although when working she's all business!), and if stressed or worried about something will always turn to her person. She has *excellent* bounceback, and is a big fan of belly rubs.

Maise is an extremely speedy, agile, and athletic girl, and shows potential for stock work. She is easy to call off moving distractions to refocus on her handler, and is bright even by BC standards.

After a fairly brief adjustment period, she has fit in well in her foster home (four other dogs, 2M and 2 F) and while she respectfully tolerates (and plays with) the boys, she's outright affectionate with the girls. She has had limited exposure to dog-savvy barn cats and was interested but not obsessed, and is great around horses. She has not been around small children, but has been fine with the older ones (9+) that she's met (again, cautious in the initial meeting).

Maise loves toys but can be hard on them. While she will settle down to work on a project such as a stuffed Kong, she can be quite busy if left to her own devices (although she isn't at all destructive), and rides well in the car.

Maise would love a job! Agility, obedience, herding etc. will exercise her mind and body and allow her to relax and enjoy down time with her new person/family. A positive reinforcement-based training class will be a requirement of her adoption, and fencing is negotiable depending on the circumstances.

Maise is a lovely little dog with a big personality, and is being fostered in southeastern VT.

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