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Maisie ~ ADOPTED




Maisie hopes you will take a minute to consider a couple of important things. Senior dogs are so often overlooked in shelters and in rescue because people think . . .

1) I just lost a dog, I can't go through that again, or

2) I won't have much time with this dog, better adopt a younger dog.

Maisie doesn't understand any of that, she just knows she lost her home and she still has lots of life and love to give. Maisie was adopted from NEBCR 11.5 years ago as a young pup and through no fault of her own has been returned to us due to family changes. Maisie is now looking for a comfy place to retire.

Maybe you could open your heart and home to this quiet, gentle soul? Even if it's just for a few years, it will mean the world to Maisie.


Maisie turned 13 in June. We think she is a border collie mix. Maisie is a sweet, easy dog. She is the definition of loyal, having bonded quickly with her foster parents and following them wherever they go. She is great in her crate and loves to ride in the car.

Maisie walks great on a leash and would love to go for a short walk each day to keep fit, but doesn't need lots of exercise like younger dogs. Mostly she loves to sleep or take a roll in the grass! Her nickname used to be 'grasshopper' in her younger days and she still likes to help 'protect' you from some of the mosquitoes and other flying insects outside.

Maisie has lived with 3 dogs at once, 2 cats, as well as small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs, though she'd prefer to be an only dog or to live with dogs/cats who would just leave her be. She was great at the groomer and vet, they were impressed with how easy going she was. We are working on getting Maisie back down to a healthy weight. Maisie doesn't bark, but does 'talk' sometimes! Maisie has also lived with children of many ages.

Maisie is healthy and has great teeth for a senior girl. She is up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. Do you have room for a big cushy dog bed at your house? Then you just may be Maisie's perfect adopter. Maisie has lots more love to give to the right family.

Maisie is being fostered in Connecticut.


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