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Maraca (Mara) ~ ADOPTED




This sweet face is Mara. And she is so ready for her retirement home. But not just any retirement home, mind you. Mara is spunky and silly. She's one active older lady and needs some people willing to keep up with her and give her everything she needs. She's had some big changes happen recently in her life when her previous owner passed away, but she's taken it in stride and bounced back and after that frisbee that was just thrown.

Mara is possibly the best of all things a border collie can be. She's playful, super smart, well-mannered in all environments, she loves to give kisses and receive affection from people, prefers to stick close to her foster mom outside, and has a lovely recall after not much time here so she's great off-leash.

If you let her, she would try to endlessly play fetch with a frisbee, but she is at least 10 years old, so she is no longer completely unstoppable. She does enjoy her down time. She is an excellent napper and will find the coziest place to catch a few zz's for several hours at a time. She also loves food, which is likely the cause of her being overweight. She's on a good raw diet and exercise program now and has lost a few pounds so far. She will be a petite little girl once she's at an ideal weight of about 32#.

Mara would make an excellent candidate for the seniors-for-seniors program. She loves long walks and romps on woods trails and definitely needs her daily frisbee time, so she's still an active dog, but easy going and very much a lovely little companion.


She hasn't shown any signs of separation distress and although she is content to chill on her own here and there, she does prefer to have the company of people instead of being left alone for long periods. She also gets along really well with other low-key dogs but does not need canine company/playmates and mostly she enjoys interacting and playing one-on-one with her foster mom. She might be ok with calm cats, but she might chase a more active feline. Mara will not be adopted to a family with children under 10.

Mara is fairly healthy. She did have a high-positive Lyme result when she came into rescue and went through a course of antibiotics to treat it, but this is something that should be monitored closely. She also has some arthritis possibly because of the long term Lyme infection, but as you can see it doesn't slow her down much.

Mara is being fostered in New Hampshire.


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