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Marshall aka "Marsh" ~ ADOPTED



Hi, Iâm Marsh. Now that I am 18 months old, I decided I was old enough to write my own bio. So here goes·.let me tell you a little bit about myself. Here are some things I LLLUUUVVV:
• Hiking
• Swimming (splashing around in the lake, really)
• Fetching (ooh, I really like that one, and Iâm SUPER fast)
• Keep-away·canât decide if I like it better than fetching·hmmm· • Meeting new people and going places
• Getting rruuubbbed
• Making cat and Chewbacca-like noises while I roll/rub on the floor, bed or sofa (this always makes the humans giggle)
• Squishing myself behind my foster dadâs back when heâs sitting on the couch (is that the same thing as getting rruubbbed?)
• Giving kisses and getting petted
• Chewing on chewies or de-stuffing stuffed animals
• Tugging
• My foster dad! (donât tell my foster mom, but I really like men a little better)
• Going to WORK with my foster dad (that is my new FAVE)

Things I….kind-of don’t mind: baths, going to the vet, getting my nails clipped, riding in the car, going in my crate, getting brushed…

See, I’m the kind of guy who does what my foster mom asks me to do….as long as there are treats involved (and there are ALWAYS treats involved).

She says I’m a VERY good boy.

I really like other dogs, and my foster mom says I’m very appropriate when I meet them. Sometimes I whap them on the head with my paw to let them know I want to play. Other times I try to get a herding game going. I LOVED wrestling and playing ‘bitey face’ with my foster sisters when they lived here, but now that they’ve been adopted, I kind of like the calmness. Outside I lluuvvv to play fetch! Inside, I’m kind of a couch potato and like to lay around near my people or chew on chewies. My foster dad has been taking me to work at his office where there are only 3 other workers. I lay at his feet and sleep for most of the day. If I get bored I chew on the treat ball that my foster mom packs me. Then I take another nap. Sometimes people come in to visit me and give me pets. I love workin’ 9 to 5!

I also LLUVVV seeing new people, especially men. Apparently I still need practice not jumping up. But I’m just so happy to see them! My foster family took me to a few fall festivals and farmer’s markets this summer and fall. People kept saying ‘what a beautiful dog’ and ‘wow, he’s so well-behaved’. I think those are good things, because I got lots of treats and pets on those days. And wow, I slept well when I got home!

I have taken 2 basic AGILITY classes, and an obedience class and my foster mom said I was a superstar at all 3! I am happy and confident as I do each obstacle. I can do all the obstacles (except weaves, and my teeter was low), and even some mini-sequences of 2-4 obstacles.

I have been told I have a great ‘start line stay’, because I wait there until I get released. I liked seeing all the new people and dogs in the class, and even took it in stride when a dog decided to leave the course and jump on me (I guess she wanted to play). The instructor remarked that I have ‘definite potential’ to be an agility dog. I thought that was pretty cool, and nice of her to say.

Now that I’m a big boy, I can do tricks. They make my foster mom happy and so proud of me. I know ‘watch’ and will sit and watch my foster mom at agility class (and earn treats) instead of looking at or barking at other dogs on course. I also know a hand touch, sit, down, come, crate, go pee, wait and stay.

I’m SO smart, and learn things very quickly. My foster mom says it’s fun to train with me. And of course, earning treats is just the best, so that works for me!

I did live with cats when I was a puppy, but that was a long time ago. My foster home doesn’t know how I’ll react to cats now. I have been living with my 2 laid-back foster siblings (dogs) for awhile now, and we all basically ignore each other. That’s mainly because they’re cranky. They grumble at me, so I leave them alone. I’m fun and would play with them if they’d let me. But the motion of busy, young dogs seems to trigger some of my CCD behaviors (see below), so I really think I’d be best as an only dog.

A word from my foster mommy about my ‘speshul needz’:
Marsh has canine compulsive disorder (shadow chasing/flysnapping), which he was born with, and was the reason he was relinquished. After 9 months in rescue he is 90% rehabilitated. Medication, exercise, and managing his environment will allow this success to continue. His medication is very affordable and has changed his life. People who meet Marsh are instantly charmed by him and would never guess he has a disorder. He does need a quiet lifestyle (not lots of people coming and going) in order to live the highest quality of life. He also needs a covered crate for riding in the car, and a fenced yard due to his desire to chase cars. Herding dog+motion+CCD=not even fair. But thankfully Marsh is not a high-drive dog, and is quite mellow when his environment is calm. The shadowing behavior is now limited to some evenings when he’s tired, or when there is too many people/dogs moving around, but now only makes up a very small part of his day (if it’s seen at all).

It’s me, Marsh again. I don’t know much about my speshul needz, I’m just a carefree pup! I have been waiting and searching for my forever home for awhile now. I know it’s out there somewhere! If you think you might want to bring me home, please fill out an application and contact my foster mom. She’s an expert on me by now, and can help me make a smooth transition. It’s fun in my foster home, but I’d really love nothing better than to sleep in bed with my very own person.

My foster mom wants to say one more thing about me:
Marsh is a uniquely funny, intelligent, athletic and quirky dog looking for an understanding family who will play with him during the day and let him snuggle up at night. He does best with one, maybe 2 humans in his home. If you have a quieter lifestyle and think Marsh might fit into it, please apply and meet this special dog.

Marsh is being fostered in northwestern CT.


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