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Marvel ~ ADOPTED



Marvel is a fantastic one year old smooth coated male Border Collie. He is a very intelligent and high energy dog, so he would do best in a home that can funnel his energy into sports or working. He is very eager to learn new things and please whoever is near him. Marvel is always ready to play but will relax in his crate when he needs to.

At one year old he is already potty trained and understands household manors but still has a puppy like enthusiasm. He is superb off leash, and will go outside, potty, and come right back in when I need him to. Tthis also translates to him being able to play fetch off leash outside as well.

Marvel can be skittish with new people and places, but he quickly settles down after meeting everyone and checking out the surroundings. As an adolescent he is constantly on the move, so he needs someone or something that can entertain him when he is free.

He is very enthusiastic about everything, so he often comes off as rude to other dogs. His new doggy pals would either need to tolerate his nagging and playing or be able to effectively dissuade him without starting a major fight. He can be protective of very high value treats, but we are working on object exchanges and he is getting better.

Marvel really is a wonderful dog and would make a great sports dog for someone doing agility, flyball, disc, dancing, dock diving, urban mushing, or anything else that would tire him out. He would love some doggy friends but cats have proven too exciting for him. He has been fine with the kids he has met and we hope that he would bond with other kids as well.


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