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Maserati is a beautiful border collie mix estimated to be between 1-2 years of age. She was found as a pregnant stray in CT, and made her way to rescue with her 4 puppies when the pups were 3.5 weeks old. She was an absolutely wonderful mother! All of her pups have found homes and now it is time for her to, as well. She is a true delight.

She is loving, sweet, happy, playful, and affectionate. She loves attention and play. She has no problems with the kitties in her foster home, nor with the parrots. She gets along great with her foster siblings and can frequently be found enticing them to play with her - whether it be wrestling, playing chase, or playing tug, she's not picky!

When she initially meets new people, she can be a little bit barky. If you just ignore her for a few minutes, you can quickly make friends with her with some treats. Once she warms up to you you have a friend for life. She loves hanging out right with you, laying at your feet or by your side. She would love to be allowed to sleep on the bed with you, as well. She has excellent house manners never having a potty accident or chewing anything she shouldn't.

We really can't say enough good things about this lovely little dog! She weighs about 38 pounds, a very nice side, and has a lovely semi-rough (medium length) coat, although currently she is shedding out as is normal post-pregnancy.

While a fenced yard is not a requirement, preference will be given to applicants who have a safe and secure area available to them for exercise, whether than be a fenced yard , park, etc. An approved positive reinforcement class will be a requirement of her adoption.

Because Masi was a stray and we have no history on her, we will not place her with children.

To maximize her health, Masi is eating a raw diet. She is thriving on this, and we would be happy to help her adopter learn more about it. However, she could also be transitioned to a grain free kibble if needed. To learn more about feeding a raw diet, please visit: http://rawlearning.com/rawfaq.html

While in foster care Masi has had the opportunity on a number of occasions to participate in dryland mushing - this is where she is hooked up in a sled dog harness and hooked up to a scooter (or a bike, or similar). She has done very well! Take a look at her video!


Masi is being fostered in NY state on the border of southern VT.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


And don't forget to check out the NEBCR Foster Dog Blog for even more updates on the terrific dogs available for adoption!


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