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Max came to NEBCR as a result of a divorce. He is a happy boy who loves people and kids. His bright eyes and smile are a show stopper. Unfortunately, he love food a bit too much, but we are making sure he gets the right kind and amount of food along with lots more exercise.

Max was the only dog in his previous home and is very attached to people, especially men. While he has been fine with all the dogs he's met (and there have been a lot, including the 4 that live in his foster home), he prefers his people. He is fine with cats. Max would love a family with kids, especially one where someone is home most of the day. He does not like to left alone, but is OK if left with a canine companion.

Max did great at the vet and is now up to date on shots. He did test positive for Lyme, so he is on a 28 day course of doxycycline.

Max is learning to play with toys and has started to run with the other BCs in his foster home. Once he starts to run, it's clear how young he is and has no trouble keeping up with the pack. He walks well on leash and knows basic commands. He loves to go for car rides.

A positive reinforcement obedience class will be a requirement for Max's adoption.

Max is being fostered in Connecticut.

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