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In short: Meg rules.

Meg is a 4 going on 5yo tri-colored purebred gal with prick ears and rough coat. She weighs just over 40lbs. An active gal, Meg is looking for a family who loves to play all sorts of outdoor games. She's a typical Border Collie who will fetch endlessly, drop toys at your feet and bump you with her nose when you've been inactive for too long! That said, she does settle very nicely in the house and loves nothing more than curling up against her people in bed and sleeping there all night.

Meg has an incredibly sweet temperament, and wiggles inside out with everybody she meets. Meg LOVES to swim, and will not even hesitate to jump in the ocean after a ball. She's learned to play frisbee, but will fetch anything you throw for her.

Meg was adopted in November but recently returned to rescue because she was repeatedly butting heads with another queen-bee type female in her home. Meg is certainly a rule-the-roost BC female, and would do best with male dogs or a more submissive type female. She has been in foster care with male and female dogs of all types with no issues whatsoever, but her current foster siblings know that she can't be messed with!

Meg does great with young dogs who need to learn the ropes, as well. She is always very appropriate in her dealings with other dogs, has excellent body language and will only tell another dog off if they truly deserve it!

Meg doesn't have much formal obedience, but has a strong recall, sit and down. She is crate trained and will run through the house to get to her crate when you tell her "kennel!" She is very trainable, smart and wants to please her people.

Meg is currently on a Raw diet, but can be transitioned to any high quality grain-free kibble diet (Evo, Origen, etc.) with no problem. She's a good eater! It is unknown how Meg would do with children, but we suspect dog-savvy kids 10+ would be fine.

Meg is being fostered in Central Mass.

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