Mollie ~ In Memoriam

New England Border Collie Rescue was contacted about a Craigslist ad for a senior Border Collie whose owner had passed away and her family was unable to keep her. Her initial evaluation found her to be iffy with regards to other dogs and cats but otherwise a very sweet dog in need of a place to go. One of our foster homes stepped up and offered to foster her, despite having dogs and cats in the home she was willing to manage interactions to keep everyone safe in order for Mollie to have a place to come to.

Upon entering rescue, it was found that Mollie had many lumps. She was taken to the vet and it was determined that she was sufferring from Lymphoma, and based on physical examination, bloodwork, and radiographs, it was determined that she had already advanced to stage III or IV, which means the cancer had spread to her other organs and likely to her bone marrow. Treatment at this stage with chemotherapy is unlikely to be helpful and NEBCR was advised to treat conservatively with the goal of keeping her comfortable until it was her time to leave us.

Mollie's foster mom offerred to continue her care as a Hospice foster home and Mollie will stay and receive care, treatment and love for as long as possible. Mollie has been doing very well for the past month in her Hospice home. She loves to play with a soccer ball, and even gets along well with the other dogs and cats! She is a true delight and such a gentle soul, she wins over everyone who meets her. NEBCR is proud to be able to offer her care and treatment so that she can be comfortable and happy for as long as possible.

On March 7th, we said goodbye to sweet Mollie. In the days prior, she had become increasingly weaker, and a tumor in her abdomen was growing quickly.

Her foster mom Lynn made every effort to keep her happy and comfortable, and Mollie enjoyed her favorite treats of ice cream and chicken right up to the end.

Thanks to the gentleness and compassion of Dr. Menard, Mollie left this world peacefully, with someone that loved her by her side.

From her foster mom, "Thanks to everyone that got Mollie into rescue, and allowed me the honor of taking care of her. I'll never forget her, even through she was with me for only 2 short months."

NEBCR is eternally grateful to wonderful volunteers like Lynn, who open their hearts to very special dogs like Mollie.

Godspeed sweet Mollie...