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HI, I'm Molly. I'm almost a year and a half, but my foster family says I'm just a silly puppy---and maybe part kangaroo. That's because I haven't had any training yet. I'm willing to learn!

I love all people and other dogs too. I do like to jump up on people, and my foster family is trying to convince me that it's politer to sit or stand when greeting humans. But that's boring…and I'm just very excitable! I like all dogs too, and wish they'd all play with me! I also will play with toys, though they get boring quickly if no one else gets in on the action. And I love to play tug with a human or other dog!

My foster family says I'm easy to get along with. I live with a couple of older dogs and have learned to respect their space. If they don't play with me, I will complain to them! I can get along with any dog or be an only dog, but what I would really like is to live with another young dog who likes to play! There's a bunny behind a fence here too, and we like to play. But my humans will not let me into the bunny's enclosure… I've also lived with cats and if they walk by slowly, I will watch them, but once they decide to run, IT IS GAME ON! The same goes for livestock!

Most of the time I'm a very good girl. I am housetrained and crate trained, though I don't like to be left alone in my crate. I do complain then! I usually walk nicely on my leash, but sometimes I need a little encouragement to come along.

My foster mum says I need to adopt a family that has some experience with positive reinforcement training or will do a few classes with me. Apparently I have lots to learn still. Well, I'm willing to go! I hear there are always yummy treats to be had! And maybe some playmates? Oh! And I found out I like to swim and I could get used to that hiking stuff too!

After a long walk and at the end of the day, I am quite happy to just lie down and hang out with my foster family. I like to cuddle and be rubbed, but have a few spots I don't like touched. I won't growl, but will move your hand with my mouth – something my foster family is trying to change too. But when you're young like me, you just can't always control your instincts… I'm sure I'll grow up to be the best dog ever for you! Won't you come and meet me?

Note: Molly is a strong and healthy young dog, about 50lbs, spayed, and up to date on shots. She is ready to be adopted by a dog savvy, active family. She is not the typical high-strung BC, but because of her somewhat rambunctious behaviours we will not place her with small children.

Since she does not have any recall at this time, a fenced-in yard is strongly recommended. A positive reinforcement class is required.

Molly is being fostered in eastern Massachusetts.


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