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Molly is an approximately 6-7 year old female who is reported to be a border collie mix. We're not really sure what she might be mixed with, other than cuteness! She's a wee little girl at only around 29 lbs, and while she looks very much like a border collie, she really doesn't act a lot like one.

She is fairly laid back compared to most border collies we see her age. She prefers to stick close to her people and soak up all the snuggling she can get. As she can curl herself up into a tight little ball, she actually makes a pretty good lap dog!

Molly had a few squabbles with the resident dog in her foster home at first, but nothing serious. They eventually came to an understanding once Molly realized that deferring to her foster sibling was a good way to keep the peace.

Molly is good with dog savvy cats. She currently lives with an older one that she's learned to steer clear of, and a younger one that she plays and sleeps with.

She doesn't have the typical border collie intensity and play drive. She doesn't really play with toys at all (at least not yet), and doesn't seem to require a ton of exercise. She loves going for car rides - especially to places like the bank where she gets cookies for being the good little passenger she is.

Molly is very routine driven and if you forget it's her bedtime, she'll just head to bed on her own. She is also a "chatty" girl. She'll tell you when dinner is late or you forgot her cookie, and will surely let you know you have visitors before the doorbell does.

While Molly doesn't really have a toy/play drive, she has a very intense prey drive for small critters, including squirrels and birds (she's caught one so far!) Molly has the type of prey drive that makes it super important that she is securely fenced (6' stockade would probably be best) or leashed, and always supervised. She's definitely not a dog that could be trusted in an unfenced yard, or even a fenced one without supervision, as we wouldn't put it past her to go over or under a fence to try and catch something that caught her eye. Molly's prey drive also means you need to stay on your toes when walking her, and have a very firm hold on the leash!

Molly is 99.9% house trained, however does have the occasional accident. So far we haven't determined why this is as it's pretty infrequent and seems to be random. She has been fully vetted, and while she recently completed a 30 day course of antibiotics after testing positive for a tickborne disease, she's been deemed otherwise healthy.

Molly's one real challenge is that she does have a degree of separation anxiety. She will bark repeatedly when left alone (near as we can tell, the entire time). And while she can be safely crated in a vari kennel, she's managed to move it across the room. Because of this, Molly would really be best suited to a family where someone is home most of the time, or able to take her with them. Also a home with close neighbors that might be bothered by barking is not a good option for her.

Despite this challenge, Molly is mostly an adorable, sweet, snuggly little peanut that bonds closely to her people and loves nothing more than spending time with them. If she sounds like a good match for your family and living situation, please submit an application for this lovely girl.

Molly is being fostered in central NH.


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