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Montana ~ SPECIAL NEEDS: Deaf


Montana is an approximately 3-year old male deaf border collie with some minor obsessive compulsive tendencies. He was originally adopted from a shelter in Florida and then moved to upstate New York.

He spent the past two years mainly in a backyard on a tie-out where he amused himself by obsessively spinning, jumping, and circling. Luckily his previous owner realized this wasn't an appropriate life for a border collie and he was relinquished to NEBCR.

Since arriving in his foster home, Montana rarely spins or circles and when he does, it can easily be redirected to a more appropriate activity. Often Montana will stop circling on his own. He also has a tendency to obsessively shake toys, but this too can be redirected and he will also stop this behavior on his own as well. Due to his tendency to exhibit OCD behaviors, homes that use tie-outs or plan to leave him outside unattended (even in a fenced in yard and even for short periods of time) will not be considered.

Please note that in general NEBCR will not adopt ANY dog out to situations where tie outs or runs are used or where a dog will be left outside unsupervised for long periods of time - even in a fenced yard.

Montana reportedly had a fear of men in his previous home. Since coming to his foster home, he has not shown any kind of fear with men and he has proven to be one of the sweetest, nicest dogs around! He loves everyone (including men) and enjoys being petted, getting attention, and catching toys (so he can shake them, of course!). He gets very excited and happy when he sees anyone, even strangers!

Montana is fairly low energy for a border collie and generally is very easy-going and laid-back. The only time he gets nervous or anxious is when the other dogs in his foster home go near his food or he sees them in his visual field when food is around. Montana guards his food from other dogs (and sometimes toys). He does not resource guard with people.

Since Montana has had a fairly isolated life prior to coming into rescue, his dog social skills are still developing. While he ignores other dogs when in large, open areas with no food around, he can become anxious when inside the house with other dogs (even when separated by a baby gate or door and sometimes even when no food is present). For this reason, we feel his ideal home would be an only dog home. Homes with other dog(s) (who are laid back and social) will be considered only if they have experience with resource guarding and/or have a plan to manage Montana's guarding with other dogs.

While Montana does not guard with people, if he were placed in a home with other dog(s), it is recommended that any children in the home be 10 years old or older (so that they are old enough to understand how to manage his resource guarding with other dogs correctly).

Montana LOVES his crate and it is recommended that a crate continue to be used with him, especially during feeding times. He does not spin or circle in his crate, but will sometimes shake toys.

Montana is currently being trained with American Sign Language (ASL). He knows "sit," "come," and "go into your crate." He is working on "down" and "stay." Training a deaf dog is very similar to training a hearing dog... except you sign instead of talk! Montana has excellent eye contact (VERY important for a deaf dog) and he learns quickly.

For more information about living with and training a deaf dog, please see http://deafdogs.org/

Montana does not currently live with cats, but when he went to the vet's, he saw two cats in the lobby. He was interested, but not reactive. He ignored them after a few seconds. While it is unknown how he would do in a home with cats, he appears to have good potential to co-exist peacefully with them.

Montana has excellent leash skills. He does not pull on the leash when out for walks and is not reactive to cars, bicycles, or people. When he sees another dog, he is interested and alert, but not reactive at all. He will get very excited and try to chase small animals while on leash, but he can easily be distracted from doing this. Overall, he is just a really nice, friendly dog!

For video of Montana in action...



Montana is being fostered on Long Island, NY (the North Shore of Suffolk County).

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