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Red & White, 50+ pound male lap-dog and homebody seeks moderately active, loving adopter!

Moose is my name and keeping your shadow and lap warm is my game. I would like to always know where you are and keep the distance between us at a minimum. If you should desire kisses I will be there to supply them!

I am not a typical border collie and I don't have an intense drive or need a constant job. I would enjoy being at your side as we explore some short trails in the woods or maybe taking a stroll around a neighborhood.

I have some hesitations about new environments and people, but every positive encounter with something unknown makes me more and more confident, and I am able to bounce back quicker and quicker. I will still need my adopter to be patient with my shyness and help me come out of my shell at my pace. As long as we get to snuggle on the couch whenever possible I will be very happy.

I do LOVE to work for treats and I will eagerly try to learn whatever you'd like to teach me. I may take a few tries to figure out something new, but if I'm spending time with you that's all that matters!

I have a curiosity about these strange things that I see my foster brother and sister playing with...I think they are called toys? They seem fun enough and I have gotten a silly urge to fling one or two around, but I'd love for you to show me exactly what I'm supposed to do with them. I vote we get some treat dispensing toys, since if there's food around I will certainly be more interested.

I have some canine friends in my foster home and get along well with them. I let my silly foster sister jump and crawl all over me during our daily bitey-face games. Also, I like to herd my foster brother when he is playing fetch with my foster mom. You can see that in the video below.

I play hard and if I'm going to have other canine friends in my new home they will have to be able to keep up with my play style or tell me to back off when necessary. Small dogs will probably not be able to tolerate my herding behaviors, so I will do best in a home with other confident dogs about my size. I would also do very well as an only dog so then I can get all the snuggle time!

I am really drawn to and affectionate with my foster mom and other women, but some men and children can make me nervous. I am ok around calm, dog-savvy men or older children, but it may take a little longer before I am ready to crawl in their laps.

I'm very loyal and exceedingly affectionate and exceptionally well-behaved. Wouldn't you like to meet me and see if we make a good match?

Don't forget, my name is Moose! I'm being being fostered on Long Island, New York (North Shore of Suffolk County).

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