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"The Moss Man," as we lovingly call him around here, is a 4.5 year old neutered male border collie. At 55 pounds, he is on the larger size for a border collie, but he is all muscle, no fat on this boy! His coloring is blue merle and he even has blue merle flecks in one of his eyes. Moss is also a smooth coated border collie so not so much hair around during shedding season.

Moss is a sweet, sensitive dog who loves his people and is content to lay at your feet as you relax. He bonds to his person quickly.

Moss is also very athletic and loves to play - a good game of ball is what he enjoys more than anything. Whether tennis, cuz or jolly balls, he will catch them right in the air and bring them back to you in a matter of seconds! He is not afraid of water, and will happily retrieve a ball from a pond. Moss also loves long car rides.

While he has had no formal training, Moss has very good house manners. He is crate trained but does not need one, he is completely house trained. Moss also has a great recall off leash.

When in close proximity, Moss likes to chase bikes and bite at tires (typical herding behavior), but he can be called off easily. He is a good watchdog as he becomes fairly vocal when people knock on the door (although we think that this behavior may be a result of the pack dynamic in his foster home, and it may not be as prominent in another setting).


Moss gets along with other dogs, but needs a slower introduction. Once introduced properly, he is comfortable romping around even with a large pack of dogs. He is great with dog savvy cats. Moss seems to like kids, but he is protective of his family and we would therefore like to see him go to a home with no children.

Moss' foster mom thinks that Moss has some herding instinct, and she is trying to cultivate it. For now, Moss seems still somewhat timid around larger animals, but already has a great time helping his foster brother when it's time to bring the chickens to their coop!

Moss is one great, good-natured dog, but he is also sensitive and his feelings get hurt easily. He is also fairly protective of his people. For these reasons, Moss needs an experienced border collie home that will understand his gentle nature as well as his herding behaviors, and one that will use positive training methods to help him blossom

Moss is being fostered near Syracuse, NY.

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