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NOTE: All puppies under 6 months old will require an additional $350 spay/neuter deposit on top of the regular adoption fee. This will be returned to you upon confirmation that the spay/neuter has been done within the agreed upon timeframe.


Moss has been doing amazingly in foster care. We feel the two incidences of sensitivity we observed were due to him being in a fear period (a normal occurrence in puppy development) because since then he has really
come into his own and is blossoming. He has been on many field trips and met many people and other dogs and seen many new places and he continues to
take everything in calmly and thoughtfully. Here is an excerpt from his foster home:

"I should have been keeping a diary as he's had a terrific week of kids, dogs, babies, bikes, scooters, streams, lakes, car riding (in a crate), vet visit while I picked up Gemma, pet store, Home Depot, playing loose in the
house and plenty of crate rest. He sleeps in my bedroom ( in his crate) with me and the other 3 dogs. Has not had one accident in the house and has been redirected from chewing anything that was not a toy."

Moss is a delightful, athletic, and people focused pup. He's brave on a variety of different objects such as tippy sleds, baby A-frames, funny surfaces, water, etc.

He is also a sensitive pup. He takes changes very hard, and yet after a little time and reassurance, he bounces back to his happy puppy self. For example, when the puppies first got their collars, Moss was momentarily terrified, racing in circles and collapsing, tail completely tucked and running to his nearest human for reassurance. After a short time of being held and consoled, he adapted and his tail came up and he was back to the happy, bouncy, energetic puppy he is. He has also acted similarly to being in new places. Tail tucked in fear, racing to humans for reassurance, even a few moments of spinning around. After being held for a little while, he adjusted and was then fine, happy to explore, chew on a bone, play with his littermates. He will also alert at new dogs, a little scared and unsure and so trying to act "tough."


Moss needs an adopter with the experience and patience to continue to support him through transitions and help him learn to grow into the perfect adult dog that we know he can be. He must continue to received positive reinforcement to assure him that the world is a fun and safe place. We are thrilled with his confidence with people, and we need to help him to see that new dogs and new places are also just as fun.

Moss's foster home is working with him currently and he will be attending puppy class which will allow him to meet new pups in a fun and positive way.

Moss's adopters will be required to attend an approved positive reinforcement based puppy kindergarten class with him.

Homes with children and a determination about whether a fence is required will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Moss has been weaned onto a raw diet and is thriving. Our ideal home would be interested in continuing to feed a raw diet to maximize the health and longevity of their new family member. To learn more about feeding a raw diet, take a look here: http://rawlearning.com/rawfaq.html

You can see more photos and video of Moss on THE PUPPY BLOG.

Moss is being fostered in upstate NY.

You must have an approved application on file *BEFORE* inquiring about a particular dog. APPLY NOW!

And don't forget to check out the NEBCR Foster Dog Blog for even more updates on the terrific dogs available for adoption!

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