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Murphy ~ ADOPTED


Murphy has decided to stay and watch over his foster family. What would they do without me, he says! Murphy and his foster dad cooked up the deal on day one. Murphy's foster mom, on the other hand, was a little slow and it took her a while to realize that Murphy was already in his forever home. She should have known better - after all, Murphy claimed her the first week he was there by peeing on her leg! Duh! Not knowing any better, she went ahead and wrote Murphy's bio to go on the website. But when she tried to send it in, she realized she couldn't. So she asked Murphy about what he wanted to do. He responded by climbing up on her lap, wrapping his paws around her neck and covering her with kisses. That's when she knew she could not let him go!

Murphy was a stray found on city streets in Central New York. After three weeks in his foster home, he has come a long way from the stinky, worried pup that he was when his foster mom picked him up from the shelter. He is quickly picking up new rules and learning new tricks! His family will have to continue working with him on some of his handling issues and his insecurity around unfamiliar people, but they know it will be well worth the effort! As a member of his new family, Murph will get to wrestle with his canine sister, play fetch with his beloved tennis balls and frisbees, try agility, play border collie games with other volunteers' dogs, go hiking and camping in the Adirondacks and even learn to go on canoe and skiing adventures!

Thank you for considering adopting a dog in need. There are many dogs like Murphy looking for their perfect forever homes.  Please check the other dogs on our web site.

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