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Neela is a beautiful, blue merle border collie. She is 10 yrs old and has matured past the typical high activity level one would expect of a young border collie. She has been deaf all her life, but that doesn’t bother her. She knows some hand signals for sit and come. She likes knowing where her person is and will gladly follow her person around.

Neela came into rescue when her family's living situation changed, but she settled into her foster home very quickly. On the first day in her foster home, she sprawled out on the floor like she had lived there forever.

She likes to chew on bones, bully sticks, antlers and will play with soft toys. She will even play tug if the mood is right. She can be a bit protective of her bones and toys with other dogs, but she is very appropriate in giving a warning. Neela likes frisbees, too. She doesn’t really want to compete for it, so she will just walk off and do her own thing if she thinks other dogs are going to get to the frisbee first.

She is very laid back and enjoys wandering the yard -- just being with her person. She lays on the floor or in a dog bed most of the time and only gets on the couch or bed when invited. She also walks well on a leash.

Neela has shown some slight separation anxiety, but if she is crated in a plastic crate and given some chewies or a good treat to distract her as you leave, she does well. She may bark for a bit when you leave, but she settles down and is quietly sleeping or doing a happy dance upon return. She barks when she wants to go out, wants water or wants your attention. She is house trained and will ask to go out.

Neela lived with a small dog prior to coming into rescue and is in a foster home with a small dog, a lab and a border collie. She occasionally likes to play with the small dog; she loves the border collie; and she and the lab just go about their own business. Neela has not shown any nipping or border collie herding behaviors.

Neela grew up with a child in her former home. She would do fine with older children, but she would not like children that would hang on her or pull her around.

She is a beautiful, petite girl, but is a bit overweight. She is working on getting back her girlie figure! She would benefit from some additional daily walks or strolls on the beach.

A fenced yard is preferred but individual circumstances will be evaluated. Homes with invisible fences will not be considered.

Neela is being fostered in Southern Maine. If you think she might be a good fit for you, and you have an approved application on file, please contact her foster home and let them know why!


Neela is eligible for our Seniors for Seniors Program.


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