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Nell is a 5 year old sweet, smart, spayed, smooth coated Border Collie. She is an incredible Frisbee and ball retriever, did really well with herding lessons, loves attention, and is very good on leash walks. She has basic obedience and knows some tricks.

Nell is very athletic, and frisbee is her true love - although herding is right up there on the list!

Nell was trained in Flyball and has her FM title, she's just not a big fan of the sport, and she seemed to be worried about the oncoming dogs. She did take a beginner agility class and has no problem with the equipment.

Nell is crate trained, but prefers to be with her people. She is fine with older children, but as with many typical Border Collies with strong herding drives, younger kids tend to make her nervous. She will not be placed with young kids.

Nell really loves people more than anything else, but she really need to be the *only* dog in her home. She is very bossy with other dogs, and reactive to strange dogs passing by her yard. She will also guard her possessions and food from other dogs in her home, although never from her people. As Nell tends to obsess over cats (there's that herding drive again!) she will not be placed with them.

A fenced yard is required.

Nell is looking for an active, loving home in search of a faithful, fun companion where she can be the center of attention. If you're looking for a sporting companion, or just a sweet dog to chase the ball/frisbe over and over (and over!) Nell may be your girl!

Nell is being fostered in Massachusetts.

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