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Meet Nim! This adorable and sweet 1 year old girl is not for the faint of heart. If you have the time and patience for a challenge that will reward you with unconditional love, snuggles and laughs, then please keep reading.

Nim is in rescue after being bounced around a number of homes and a stint at a shelter. She had a host of issues that her foster home has been slowly working on, but she will require a patient, experienced and probably slightly crazy-in-a-good-way forever home to continue managing and working on them. With time and patience Nim has come a long way while in her foster home and shown that she is capable of amazing things under the right direction.

On one hand Nim is everything you would want or expect in a young Border Collie- sweet, cuddly, caring. She loves her person with every ounce of her being. For Nim everything is a toy, and while she is learning the concept of fetch her favorite thing by far is to run around the backyard shaking and growling at whatever toy or random object is around.  At times she is a one dog comedy act, and acts like a puppy much younger than her age.

Nim has also proven that she has brains and not just beauty.  She is VERY food motivated.  She has been introduced to agility and shows great promise, as well as herding- but decided that was just not for her. She also completed a basic companion dog class. Nim is a dog that needs a home with a job (tricks, agility, scent work, etc) and time to train.  Her forever home will be looking for more than just a cute and cuddly companion.  

On the other hand, Nim has shown that she will need a patient home that will take things slow with her but still give her the mental stimulation that she needs. There are scary things out there in the world, and she needs her person to keep teaching her that they aren’t really that bad.

One thing that Nim previously struggled with was resource guarding her meal. Nim is very worried about her next meal being stolen. Luckily, this is quite easy to manage and her foster mom has found that common sense and a routine go a long way with this. In her foster home Nim hasn’t shown any resource guarding of treats, chew toys or other toys, from either humans or other dogs.

Other unknown dogs can also be scary at times. Nim currently lives with another border collie and has been fabulous with him and any other dog she was allowed to meet slowly at her own pace. When out and about it is scary for Nim to run into another dog she doesn’t know, and she can be reactive if not reminded of the rules (i.e. her foster mom giving her treats for looking at other dogs and not barking). Her foster mom doesn’t think Nim had a lot of exposure to other dogs in her past homes, and so it is important that each new experience with them be positive and not overwhelming to her.

In one of Nim’s previous homes she reportedly did not get along with the young children, and so she will not be placed in a home with children. Otherwise Nim generally loves everyone she meets, when allowed to meet them at her own pace. New people showing too much interest in her can be scary and might get a bark or two, so her foster home just tells others to ignore her until they can’t (meaning they can’t because Nim is literally climbing all over them wanting to be pet).

Nim also has a variety of sounds that she is sensitive to, and is currently on a low dose of Melatonin to help with that. In the past she also would chase sun spots when stressed, but this is not an issue in her foster home with the right exercise level and keeping her stress level down.

A fence is preferred for Nim given all the things she still finds scary in the world, but this need will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Nim’s recall is great, and she has no desire to let her human out of her sight.

Aside from that Nim has a few quirks that you might find either amusing or annoying, but we want to let you know about some of them to give you a glimpse into life with Nim:

  • Do you want to talk on the phone? Yeah, Nim would like to talk to that person as well. Fair warning, loud dog talking will occur if you don’t keep her busy.
  • Did you want to sit down? That’s great. It’s also apparently really exciting, at least to Nim. Don’t be surprised if you see some insane sprinting around the house as she finds a toy to grab at this exciting development.
  • Are you going to take a shower? See above. Add some barking when you first get in. Or close the door.
  • Do you want someone to keep you warm at night? Nim would like that job. Her cuddling skills are top notch. If you are looking for a dog that doesn’t sleep on the bed or go on the couch, Nim is probably not the dog for you. These are prime snuggling locations.
  • The car is hers. Strangers beware. You have a four-legged alarm system.

Check out Nim in action...

Nim is being fostered in Maine.


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