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Nim is an adorable, quirky, high drive overgrown puppy who went through two homes and a stint at a shelter before finding her way to NEBCR.  She is A LOT of dog in a very cute package, and not for the faint of heart or inexperienced owner.  She needs a forever home that she won’t be able to outsmart, can give her a job and continue training her smart little brain so that she turns into the amazing dog she has potential to be.

On one hand Nim is everything you would want or expect in a young Border Collie- sweet, cuddly, fearless. For Nim everything is a toy, and while she is learning the concept of fetch her favorite thing by far is to run around the backyard shaking and growling at whatever toy or random object is around.  At times she is a one dog comedy act.

Nim has also proven that she has brains and not just beauty.  She is very food motivated and responds well to clicker training.  She has also been introduced to agility and shows great promise. Nim is a dog that needs a home with a job and time to train.  Her forever home will be looking for more than just a companion.

On the other hand, Nim has some quirks and behaviors that could make her too much for some to handle.  In the house Nim is learning to settle appropriately, but when left to her own devices inside and without enough exercise she will resort to staring at and pouncing on her toys repeatedly or chasing light spots.  She needs someone who is willing to continue working on extinguishing and preventing these behaviors, as she would likely become obsessive to the point it is an issue if allowed.  Nim also has shown an interest in herding cars, so a fence is required for her safety at this time. 

Nim bounced around her previous homes and out of the shelter due to not getting along with kids and some fear issues when meeting new people.  She has shown that when allowed to greet others at her own pace she does great, but she will need an experienced owner who can pick up on her cues to know when she is not feeling comfortable, as well as a home without kids.  It is important that her person is able to continue her progress in this area and keep making the experience of meeting new friends a positive one for her.

Nim currently lives with another BC and has no problem sharing treats, toys or the bed with him or any other visiting dogs.  She has shown some resource guarding of her meal specifically, but this has been nothing that prior separating, eating in her crate and a routine hasn’t solved.  Teaching Nim the rules and routines to life has done wonders for her.   

When it comes to new dogs Nim generally barks first and asks questions later when she first sees them.  It typically does not take more than a short walk together and a few seconds of reminding her of the rules for greetings and seeing dogs for her to be fine with them.  After remembering these rules Nim will usually just ignore them or start up a rousing game of chase.

Nim is just waiting for that right person to come along and continue turning her into the amazing dog she has potential to be.  Fill out an application if you think you are up for the challenge!

Nim is being fostered in Maine.


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