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Noel is a petite young female border collie. She will be turning 3 years old in March. She recently weighed in at 22.8 pounds when she went in for her spay surgery, but should probably be about 25 pounds.

Noel didn't have the best start in life, she was sold by a pet store to someone who then gave her as a gift to an elderly woman, who shortly thereafter passed away. Noel was then placed into a home with another senior couple. There she spent much of her time tethered as the couple realized she was too much for them. Thankfully, they contacted rescue for help.


Noel is an amazing athlete. She is toy and food motivated. She loves to play tug and fetch. She loves to leap for a disc as well. In addition, she is a fantastic cuddler, happy to curl up in your lab as you watch a movie.

She loves attention and affection. She has been fine with the cats in the home as well, ignoring them unless they do something quick or interesting that might catch her attention, but is easily redirected.

She really enjoys the variety of toys available to her in foster home, and often grabs one and starts playing with it by herself.

Noel was lacking on dog communication skills when she came into rescue. She has made great progress in this area, though will need continued guidance as she continues to learn. She gets along well with all the dogs in her foster home but can get very keyed up by the high drive border collie. In the beginning she would dive in at nip at him when she got overly aroused. She is getting much better at redirecting on a toy in these instances. She is fine with the other fetch-a-holic young BC in the home. Her dog skills have really improved by leaps and bounds in a short time and we are very pleased with her progress.

Noel recently joined a large group of intense border collies all running and playing and she was happy to interact with the people playing fetch rather than worry about what the other dogs were doing.

Noel loves people but she is a bit of a barker when she sees people approaching her yard or coming into her home. Once she gets to meet them she is fine, if she doesn't get to meet them she keeps barking. ;-)

Noel is eating a raw diet in her foster home and she is thriving on it. To learn more about feeding a raw diet please visit http://rawlearning.com/rawfaq.html

It is unknown how Noel is with children. A fenced yard is preferred but not necessarily required. Each potential home will be evaluated for overall fit.

Noel is not for the faint of heart and will only be placed into a home where she will have a true "job" to keep her mind and body active. She would thrive as a sports partner and friend for the right person.

Noel will be placed with a training requirement, so her adopter will be required to attend an approved positive reinforcement based training class with her as a condition of adoption.

Noel is being fostered in NY state, on the border of Southern VT.

Some videos of Noel:

Dog-dog play:

Self play with a toy:

Showing her disc skills:

Outdoor play:

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