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Oran ~ Special Needs (see below)


This dog is available through our Seniors for Seniors program


Oran is doing well and continues to improve. He has been on Deramaxx for his Arthritis since he came to rescue and it has really made a difference. His strength in his back legs continues to improve with daily exercise (actually just being a border collie). He is still somewhat stiff and limps a bit but that will probably always be the case. He has no problem running however, (although he will never win any races) and his favorite activities are playing frisbee and rolling a basketball around the yard. Of course, he MUCH prefers you to kick or throw it for him.

He holds his own with the much younger and more active foster siblings. He even pushes and barks at them if they are not moving enough. If they run to the door or window because of something they've heard, he will jump up and join the fray. If he has hold of the frisbee and one of them tries to take it away from him it develops into a game of tug which they usually lose. I guess old age and treachery still do beat youth and skill.

He still is hesitant about walking on laminate or some (the more slippery) linoleum floors for fear of slipping. A couple of throw rugs in the kitchen solved this. However, when his food is being prepared he seems to have no problem with the floor and is right there to make sure you are preparing it correctly and to clean up any bits you just might happen to drop. It is more a fear of slipping than any inability. This will probably improve as his strength does.

He has made no attempt to go up the stairs to the second floor (which is good because that's where the resident cats, whom he loves to herd, now reside). I guess the thought of a full flight is just too daunting for him. However, he has no problem with the two or three steps required to get into the house.

He loves to go for walks and is excellent on a leash. Distances of around a half mile and probably much more is no problem for him. I know that's not all that far, but with the snow and cold this time of year we haven't wanted to push him that much. His heart murmur (discovered at his initial vet check) seems to cause him no problems whatsoever other that an occasional throat clearing action. This, if anything, seems (VERY subjective here) to be slightly improving. When he was x-rayed the vet said his lungs were clear and showed no signs of congestion. He also does not over tire as a result of this condition.

He also loves to go for car rides and meet new people although he needs help getting in and out. He is very friendly with everyone. He doesn't care where he is as long as he is with his people. He is extremely affectionate and just wants to be with you. Snuggling is another of his favorites. He has his bed in a crate and a quiet area where he can go if he wants, but rarely uses it. He prefers to be with you as much as possible and loves to lie at your feet while you're watching tv.


Oran is smooth coated Border Collie with black, shiny, little prickly ears that stand up readily when at attention. One cannot miss the pink tip of his tongue that sticks out when he sleeps. He is of average weight and height for a BC with typical white and black markings. Really cute!

He came to NEBCR when his former owners developed health problems and could no longer care for him. This is why at 12 year old of age, Oran finds himself in search of a new "forever" home.

Oran is quite a special guy. He has proven to be quite adaptable. The trip to his foster home in a crate went without any problems and he adjusted to his new environment quite well.

Since he arrived, he has made friends with the three resident BC's. He gets along very well with them. He is a little too interested in the resident cats and whom he never misses a chance for a chase around the house! Not too cool from a cat's point of view! He can be happy in a home with or without other dogs but would do better in a home without cats.

He loves to play Frisbee, ball, kick the kong, and roll the basketball. Because of his age he does all of these at a slower pace than a typical border collie but hasn't lost any of his enthusiasm. He is fond of playing a game of tug with the plush toy he stole from the Vet's office! He loves to go for walks or just loaf around the house with you. He loves his people and is quite affectionate.

He is well house trained and crate trained. He travels well in a car either just looking around or laying down for a nap. He walks well on a leash.

Oran is listed as special needs because he has arthritis. He is now on medication and feeling much better. He has some weakness and muscle atrophy (probably from inactivity due to arthritic pain). Because of his arthritis, he is slow getting up and moving in the morning and a little hesitant at walking on laminate and some linoleum floors because he is afraid of slipping. However, since he has developed more strength in his back legs with daily exercise, he is doing better. Because of his arthritis, we are looking for a home for Oran where any kids in the family are older and able to be gentle with him and sensitive to his condition.

Oran has a great attitude and gusto for life. Always ready to play, to love and be loved! His adoptive family should insure that he gets plenty of exercise so that he can continue to improve and reach the potential he is capable of. A fenced area would be preferred.

Oran also has a heart murmur caused by an enlarged right atrium. This presses on his trachea causing him to cough (more like clearing his throat). It seems to cause no other problems. This is a condition that may not get any worse but should be monitored. It can be treated with medications if it becomes necessary.

Oran would make a nice pet for someone looking for a loving companion. If you are looking for a true loving friend who loves to play at a slightly slower pace, Oran is it.

See Oran at play with his foster siblings...


Oran is being fostered in central Maine

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