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Owen ~ Adoption Pending


Owen is a 3-1/2 year old smooth-coat male border collie. He weighs approximately 60lbs and is a bit taller and longer than the average BC. But don't let his size fool you because this dog can jump for a frisbee! He is extremely athletic and loves to play.

Owen will play with any toy and if you tire before he does he will amuse himself until you are ready to go again.

He loves the water; he'll bite at the movement, dig, and swim for hours if you let him. He loves to go hiking and hanging out with his person... especially when you are throwing a toy for him.

Owen has been fine with the adults and teenagers he has met and will become instant friends if a toy is involved. However, he will not go to a home with small children or a home that is visited often by children as they make him uncomfortable.

Owen is currently living with 2 other Border Collies and 2 cats in his foster home and he gets along fine with them all. There have been a few tiffs over toys, nothing but noise, but Owen may do best as an only dog or with a dog that is easy going and doesn't have an issue with who is playing with what toy.

Owen is a car chaser. He is quiet intense when walked on the road and gets in BC crouch position, ready to lunge when a car is approaching. However, he doesn't seem to take an interest in cars when playing in the yard but to keep him safe, his ideal home would have a hard fence or at the very least have access to a secure place for Owen to run and play.

Owen is crate trained and likes hanging out in his crate during down time. When riding in the car, Owen is crated as he gets a bit stressed and or is anticipating passing cars when you first start out. He will whine but once you get going he does settle down.

Owen is learning to walk on a leash without pulling and is doing well with the use of an EZ-Walk harness.

He knows a few basic commands; sit, down, paw, and speak, but his adopters will be required to bring him to a positive reinforcement training class. Owen has a soft temperament and would benefit from positive training and it will also help with the bonding process.

If you're looking for a nice, active but not "over the top" Border Collie, to play Frisbee, fetch or try agility with, Owen is your dog.

Owen is being fostered in CT.

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