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Peaches ~ ADOPTED

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Peaches is a smoothcoat BC mix. She's very low shedding, which her foster mom thinks is a big plus, especially in the springtime. Peaches has all the smarts of a Border Collie but with a very, very mellow personality. She's one of those dogs that is always enthusiastic about whatever it is her person wants to do...

Want to sit on the couch and watch baseball all day? Great! I'll sit next to you and help you eat popcorn.

Want to get some yard work done? Great! I'll quietly hang out in the yard and enjoy the sun.

Want to go for a ride someplace? Great-I love the car.

Want to go enjoy the dog park? Awesome-my foster mom says I'm the perfect dog park dog. I get along with everyone and never get into any trouble (unlike my foster sisters!)

Want to leave the dog park? Fine by me, I'll trot ahead of you to the car.

Want to sleep in this morning? Aaaah, snuggle snuggle.

Peaches is just about the perfect dog all around. Sadly, she was given up, after spending her entire life with the same family, for growling at a 4 year old child who was chasing her and pulling her tail (she lived peacefully with the 5 year old). She was given up to a good shelter, but poor Peaches went into "shelter shock." She stopped eating and was a nervous wreck. The shelter contacted NEBCR because they saw what a great dog she was and also saw how quickly she was spiraling down.

She now has mild separation anxiety which sometimes happens to dogs after a traumatic event like losing a family and a stay in a shelter. Her separation anxiety manifests itself by shaking and pacing and a lot of whining and barking at the window that starts after her person leaves.

The good news is separation anxiety is very curable with patience and behavioral training. She's doing a good job with her foster family and her new family will need to work with her to make sure she continues to improve. She also is fine staying at a "cageless" boarding facility. In fact, the live-in caretaker there inquired about adopting her!

Peaches could go to a multi-dog home or live in single dog luxury. We're saying no kids under 10 but would consider very dog savvy kids and parents. She seems completely at ease with children. She would do best with a family who's around a lot, at least at first, to help ease her transition. Leaving her with friends or doggie daycare also works. She really is an easy-going girl.

A positive based dog class (tricks, rally, agility, freestyle) is recommended after her adoption. She would love to do agility for fun and has been introduced to agility obstacles and clicker training.

Peaches is being fostered in eastern Massachusetts.

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