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Although at first glance he may resemble a Saint Bernard, Peat is a three year old purebred registered border collie. He is an absolutely delightful soul, and is going to make a wonderful addition to the right family.

Peat is a giant love sponge, just soaking up attention. Unfortunately, he has no idea how big he is, and this can sometimes result in some uncomfortable situations for the humans involved. For instance, if you sit down next to Peat for a snuggle, he may just put his giant head in your face . . . ouch! Or, he may to to jump up to greet you after you have been away . . . ouch! He could choose to throw himself down on your feet for a belly rub . . .ouch! Aww . . . that one doesn't usually hurt, unless you have no shoes on and he lands on your toes! ;)

As much as he enjoys attention, he is definitely no couch potato!! Peat loves to play with toys, and has been particularly enjoying all the rubber squeaky toys around here, like the CUZs and the Ruffians. Those he will entertain himself with, or happily fetch if you throw them. He also enjoys fetching the Jolly ball and the Clutch ball as well. He really enjoys running and playing!

Peat gets along with all the dogs in his foster home without a problem, and he has ignored the cats. He has shown that he may do better with more confident dogs than with insecure ones, at least at initial meetings, though this could just be a matter of making careful introductions.

Peat is a big boy, he weighs 60 pounds, and while he maybe could loose a couple pounds, he is not fat by any stretch of the imagination. He is just a big dog. On top of that, he has a very thick, fluffy coat, which makes him look even bigger! He is also a strong dog. We have been working on leash walking using the Easy Walk Harness and while he is slowly getting the hang of things, he will certainly need continued work in this area.

He is crate trained and we are working on basic obedience. His adopters will be required to take him through an approved, positive reinforcement based training class as a condition of his adoption. He is very clever and would likely enjoy trying out a dog sport like agility or rally.

Peat is being fostered in upstate NY.

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