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Petunia ~ ADOPTED



PREFERRED (see below)

UPDATE: Petunia continues to have great time in foster care! She is looking for that perfect fit in an adoptive family where she can get quality one-on-one attention. She would rather not have to share quite so much, although she does tolerate the other dogs and *gasp* even PLAYS with one of her foster siblings on rare occasions when the conditions are right. She can definitely go into a home with other dogs, but prefers not to have to live with those who like to get right in her face.

Her two favorite things are playing fetch, and getting pets and love. She is absolutely always up for a game of fetch! However, with her age comes some arthritis which is showing in her slower gait, and she is losing muscle in her hind end. In an ideal world, we would like to place her somewhere that she can be able to swim once or twice a week. We are hoping to find an adoptive home willing to take her to swim or underwater treadmill sessions - there are many facilities that offer canine rehab that have pools or underwater treadmills. You can often locate them by googling your location and "canine rehabilitation." Regular sessions, it would greatly increase her quality of life by enabling her to build muscle in her hind end and let her keep on playing for some time to come...plus she LOVES to swim! She even would going to pond in November when it was ice, ice, ice cold.

She is currently eating a raw diet and thriving on it, and certainly would be thrilled if her new family kept her on that, but she could also eat a quality grain free kibble as well.

Although she really doesn't like the camera, you can still see lots of photos of her stay in foster care here.

Petunia is a beautiful and loving red & white spayed female Border Collie. She was born April 1st, 2002 and so is 12 years old.

She loves people, loves petting and *loves* to play fetch! Per her former owners she is "very tolerant" of children but she hasn't been exposed to children while in foster care so we don't know this first hand.

She is fine with cats, birds, and small animals, and co-exists with the other dogs in her foster home without issue though she doesn't interact with them. She will appropriately warn them out of her space if they jostle her or try and steal her toy.

We recently had her blood work checked and she is in good health, though appears to have some age related arthritis.

She is not a particular fan of grooming but manageable. She has no problems with baths but is not a huge fan of the blower.

She is pretty fearless in terms of situations and noises but she hates the noise the camera makes on the phone and immediately leaves when she hears it. If the sound is turned off, she is fine with having it pointed at her. When she hears gunshots (and reportedly other loud noises) she barks back! She also likes to swim.

Check out Petunia in action...

A fenced yard is preferred as she was said to have liked to go off in search of fun in her prior home, but applicants who do not have a fenced yard but do have a plan in place to safely and appropriately meet her needs will absolutely be considered. She is not a candidate for an invisible fence.

She really is a nearly perfect girl and so very loving, fun, and gorgeous too!

She is being fostered in NY state, south of Albany. She is looking for a retirement home that will cater to her love of fetch!


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