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Phoebe is a young (born 4/9/11) female border collie. She has been in rescue for a couple of months now and we have been working hard to overcome some CCD (canine compulsive disorder) behaviors. When Phoebe first arrived she was doing a lot of fly snapping - jumping up in the air at imaginary bugs and snapping intensely while screech barking. She would also dive down and tear up wads of grass. And in the house she would lick the floor, leaving long doodle lines of drool all over the floors.

Strange behavior you say? Well, when you take a dog, bred to be a working dog, and they are then put in a situation where they have no outlet for doing their "work" - this is what can happen! Phoebe had a good home, she was loved and well cared for, but like most families, they had to work which left a lot of time for Phoebe to become bored and begin to find a way to amuse herself. Before too long, her patterns of self entertaining became a part of her daily routine.

We are happy to be able to help Phoebe here in rescue. She is in a foster home with other border collies. She has learned to play ball and tug with them. She gets regular exercise outside in a large fenced yard.

Phoebe has also been enrolled in a beginner agility class where she has excelled! She knows all of the obstacles including the teeter, and we are working on weaves now. She has learned self control and will let us do a 3-4 jump leadout to perform some jump grids. We are thrilled to see her play with us on the equipment!

The CCD outbursts are at a minimum now. The floor licking is gone, the fly snapping and grass diving are gone. The only behavior which still happens occasionally is the high pitched staccato barking while looking up in the air. And we can usually tell what sets this off - it is loud noises! A pot falling to the floor, a door closing shut, and we also notice it happens just around her meal time and also when she just wants some attention.

We are so pleased with how this young lady has progressed while in foster care. She is also a very cuddly young lady and will be happy to sit in your lap and watch tv with you at night for hours. We think she is ready to begin the search for her forever home but she is welcome to stay with us for as long as that may take.

Phoebe will require an adult only home with a hard fence (no invisible/electric fences) and an approved, positive reinforcement training class will also be a requirement of her adoption

Check out Phoebe in action in the videos below...

Phoebe playing frisbee

Phoebe playing tug with her foster siblings

Phoebe playing agility with her foster mom

Phoebe is being fostered in upstate NY.

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