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Pilgrim ~ ADOPTED

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If you are looking for a snuggle pup then keep reading. This sweet girl came into rescue when her former owner fell ill. Before that she seems to have had a journey through multiple states and homes. Now, she would love nothing more than to find her way to her forever home.

Pilgrim's age is unclear but the paperwork that came with her shows her to be about 8 years old. She is gentle and so far demonstrates a moderate/low energy level. Pilgrim will greet you at the door with tail wags, a nice sit and most of the time a hand shake.

Pilgrim walks like a dream on leash, knows her sit, down and shake. She sleeps in her crate through the night. She loves attention but is not overly pushy about it. A few pets and love will get you a new best friend for life.

Pilgrim has met little dogs, puppies and many adult dogs in her foster home with no issue. She's also has met many dogs at the foster's doggy daycare all with no problems. So far she prefers her human over dog interactions over dog interactions but she remains calm around other dogs.

Pilgrim had a visit with some cats and showed no interest so she may do well in a home with cats. She met a young man in a wheelchair and was not phased by his chair. She has done well in the car and enjoys her trips to the pet store where she is greeted with treats and is happy to sit and lie down and give a shake.

The only time this girl barks is during the day when she needs to be in her crate for a nap or when her foster parent needs to leave and she needs to be in her crate. She does bark and the foster home is working on this. She has a mild case of gingivitis and does well with her daily brushing.

Pilgrim is sensitive to loud noises like the vacuum cleaner or snow falling from the roof. So she'll need a quiet space where she can feel safe when you know you'll be cleaning.

A couple of years ago Pilgrim had some trouble with her back legs. In foster care Pilgrim had a wellness visit to a vet with a review of her records and x-rays. The vet reports he only sees possible early arthritis in her left knee. She goes on daily walks with no signs of weakness. She will jump in and out of the car if it's not too high.

Pilgrim is being fostered in southern VT.


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