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Jax (formerly known as Porter)


Hello 2014, do you think this is the year I can find my forever home? You see I have been in the care of NEBCR since July 2011. Why you ask? Well, I did not have a great start to my life. I lived in a place for many years without any human to show me love or attention.

I have been in a new foster home for a year now. I moved to the new home to see if new people and new experiences would help draw me out of my shell more. As time went by my foster family could see I wanted to be like the other dogs, but I was still too scared. My foster Mom brought me to a nice lady called a behaviorist. Foster Mom wanted to know if there was any way to help me become a more confident and happy dog. I started taking prozac to help with my anxiety. I have made some great progress since taking the medication.

I come out of my crate more, I like to greet anyone who comes in the front door, even strangers. I have let my family brush me and bath me. (I am still a little nervous but I don't try to run away). I don't turn my back when you put treats in my crate and I have even begun to sniff them when they are in your hand, I let people sit outside my crate and pet my head and I don’t hide in the corner. I am getting closer to people outside when we are all playing too. Mom says she thinks I really want to join in the fun.

I love playing frisbee now, I was afraid of it now I love to chase and I can even catch it. I am bringing it back closer and closer each week. I love playing with the other dogs. I don't mind when they sleep in my crate with me. I like the kitties too. I don't chase them or anything. I like going for walks and I am less afraid of the noises I hear. I don't drop to the ground when cars or trucks go by either.

I am on a raw diet and I really like it. My foster Mom says she would love to tell you all about it if you are not sure what that is.

Check me out in action...

I am looking for a family who will continue to work with me. I will need a family who is patient and people who will continue to work with the behaviorist and make sure I take my medications daily. I would love another dog to play with or even a kitty friend. Do you think you will be my forever home??

I'm currently being fostered in CT.

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