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Princess ~ ADOPTED!

This dog is available under our Seniors for Seniors program.

Ok, so she's 12 years old, but this big, bawdy, beautiful gal acts like a big, old goofy puppy. It's almost impossible to believe that she's 12 - she does not look or act 12 like she is 12 years old!

She is a purebred Border Collie, from Canadian farm stock, and is reminiscent of the traditional farm collies in her appearance and size. She's bigger boned than many of the Border Collies we see these days, and weighs in at a little over 50 pounds. She is very fit physically, has a beautiful soft sable coat, which is fairly short in length, and the most adorable ears you'll ever see!

Princess was owned by one family her entire life, and lived as an outdoor dog. She was raised with kids, and is extremely social and loving with people. Sadly, a move to a condo with no yard necessitated them giving up their much loved family pet.

Despite being tied out most of her life, She is extremely social, and loves people and attention - leaning or just sitting right on you. She really has no issues other than being very puppy-like in her behavior.

She is very bouncy and a bit mouthy in play, although extremely gentle about it. That along with her size, will not make her suitable for a home with young children, whom she will knock down in her exuberance.

At her age, we would really like to see Princess in a home where she has a safe place to run and play without needing to be leashed or tethered. Since she does not really have a reliable recall, a fenced yard is preferred.

Princess hasn't had much formal training until now, but you really CAN teach an old dog new tricks! She now comes to her name much of the time, will sit or lie down and stay with you, and walks beautifully on a regular harness! Her foster mom has started some clicker training with her and she learns very quickly and, in fact, enjoys it very much - she loves any interaction with her person.

Because of her past as an outdoor, and only dog, she will require some time and patience of her new family - which is actually typical of MOST rescue dogs. She would probably be best as an only dog or with a truly submissive dog. Princess definitely wants to be Queen when it comes to other dogs. We think this is because she has been used to fending for herself all her life.

She is overly interested in cats, but would likely be fine in a home with dog savvy cats that have somewhere they can escape to where Princess can't follow.

Princess is spayed and microchipped, and is up-to-date on her vaccines. This beautiful gal has a LOT of life and love left to give, and is looking for someone to love her. She is a total sweetheart and really, really needs a person of her own. She doesn't require a lot of exercise, but can still be plenty active to keep up on regular walks and play time. She currently walks two miles a day with no problem and that is at a brisk pace!

Princess loves to ride in the car and is a very content and quiet passenger. If you're looking for a happy, playful, loving companion, who's just looking for some attention and a comfy home for her retirement years, please consider Princess. Every bit of love you give her will be returned tenfold!

Princess is being fostered in northern New Jersey and is available under our Seniors for Seniors program.

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