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Punky is a boisterous, driven, handsome young Border Collie. Born in November 2014, this guy is young and is an absolute sponge for learning. He has tons of food and toy drive and truly wants to please his handler.

Punky is fearless on FitPaws equipment and with playing the "bang-it" game on the agility teeter. He has no sound sensitivities or concerns when it comes to handling new games and new surfaces. In some ways he is all of the things we could ask for in a great Border Collie for performance or sports.

Unfortunately the things that make Punky seem wonderful to his foster mom are all of the things that make a young Border Collie a nightmare with lack of stimulation.

Due to his earlier life, Punky has some behavior that will need to continue to work on to be modified. He barks when strange people approach and he will spin at the end of his leash and needs to continue to find better ways to approach greetings. Punky will also spin when in high stimulus environments, such as getting ready to go outside with all of his foster siblings. He needs verbal and sometimes physical interruptions (a pet on the head, or other interruption to make him look back to his handler) for his spinning, so that he can slowly work his way out of this default behavior.

Positive reinforcement, the Control Unleashed Program, structure and a strong handler bond have made Punky into a completely different dog than he was when he came from the shelter. Once Punky knows his "person" he is a love to have around. He's great in the house, not frantic or too "busy". Punky is wonderful for baths, nail trimming, grooming, feeding, crating and has happily stayed with a dog sitter.

The ideal home for Punk would have many mental outlets to help him overcome the self-taught behaviors of his puppyhood. He would love someone familiar with the CU program. Punky has a TON OF DISC DRIVE!! He is wonderful with other dogs, loves children and ignores the cat. Punky needs a fenced yard and a training program with an approved trainer.

Punky is currently being fostered in northern Vermont.


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