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NEBCR has taken a young BC mix and her 4 puppies into our care who were abandoned at a local shelter. We are currently accepting applications on the puppies although they will not be ready to adopt for a while longer.

We continue to get to know the pups as they grow and develop and will be making placement decisions based on the best fit for each puppy.

If you would like to be considered, please complete an application. You can find a link to this, and all the information needed on adopting from NEBCR on our Adopting a Border Collie page. Maserasti will be available for adoption after the puppies are weaned and she is spayed.

Please note that all of the puppies will be placed with a spay/neuter contract that will require an additional $300 deposit ON TOP OF the regular adoption fee. That deposit will be returned once we receive confirmation that the spay/neuter has taken place within the specified timeframe.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US LOOKING FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THESE PUPPIES AT THIS TIME. We will be posting it here on the website once we have a better idea of each pup's individual personality and temperament and what type of home will be the best match for them.

NEBCR volunteers currently have their hands full trying to help as many dogs as we possibly can, and we unable to return calls/emails regarding any dog that is not yet available for adoption.

As always, we will be incredibly careful and picky when it comes to who adopts these pups as it is the goal with all our dogs to ensure they land in the best possible *forever* home.

Thank you for your understanding.

Once you have an approved application on file, please feel free to contact Amy at if you are interested in being considered to adopt one of the puppies.

Mama Maserati

These puppies are currently 6 weeks old and will not be ready to go to their homes for approx. another 3-4 weeks. We realize that the timing is such that some people will consider these puppies "perfect Christmas gifts." NEBCR STRONGLY OPPOSES GIVING COMPANION ANIMALS AS GIFTS. In fact, we have taken many "Christmas puppies" into rescue over the years after the novelty wore off and the reality of dog ownership and raising a puppy set in.

Please do not inquire about these puppies unless you have thoroughly thought through the lifetime commitment that comes along with owning a dog, and the amount of work and time it takes to raise a puppy well. If you're not sure what's involved but are serious about making the commitment, contact us and we'll be happy to point you to good resources for this information.

Ferrari (female)

Mercedes (female)

Bentley (male)

Porsche (female)



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