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New England Border Collie Rescue - Helping Border Collies in Need


On Christmas Eve, three Border Collie puppies were brought to a shelter from their home under a pile of scrap metal. Covered with porcupine quills, the mother eluded rescue. The boy pup also had quills on him. The shelter was able to get him (now called Opie) healed quickly, but knew Border Collies (especially young ones) need a special kind of family. NEBCR was happy to be able to help.

It took many volunteers hours of driving to get the pups to their respective foster homes, where they have proved to be very resilient little guys. Sweet, social and bouncy! They are estimated to be 8 weeks of age.

The puppies' ideal homes will be working homes with some BC experience. If you don't give a Border Collie a job to do, they will become self employed! As they get older we expect to see the full Border Collie energy emerge.

All puppies will require a supplemental puppy application, a $300 spay/neuter deposit and an approved, positive reinforcement-based training class. If you think you are up for the job of raising a Border Collie puppy, please put in your application.

Please note: because our volunteers have their hands full with the time and effort it takes to raise puppies well, and because puppies typically generate a LOT of interest, we will only be able to reply to inquiries from people who already have approved applications on file.


Bryn is a darling with classic BC marking. She is adored by everyone. Bryn currently lives with cats and dogs and gets along with all. (Ok maybe the cats don't like her!) She does not chase or constantly pester the other dogs in the house like some puppies do, but she loves to play so her ideal home will have a playmate for her. Bryn likes to go, go go! She enjoys the outside and is a fearless explorer. While she can be independent and is happy to amuse herself if need be, once you engage with her, she is fully attentive! She likes to tug, snuggle on couch or just run around exploring. Bryn is eager to learn and has already begun learning to love her crate and is working on housebreaking.


Little Miss social butterfly never misses an opportunity to meet someone new. She has the sweetest personality; tail forever wagging. Kelsi has already learned that the right behavior gets her a tasty treat. Tug is one of her favorite games to play.  We are working on house training, recall and crate training as well. She currently lives with 4 dogs and 2 cats. She is very good at reading the signals they give her and knows when to back off. Kelsi seems to be a very well balanced pup, an independent thinker  but loves her people too.


All boy, Opie is up for anything! If there is something to be checked out, he will check it out. If it needs to be chased he will chase it. If it needs to be eaten (well even if it doesn't) he will eat it. Opie is an active, alert young man, looking for a home where he can learn! He is already tugging and gets along great with the many dogs in his foster home. One in particular has taken a shine to Opie and follows him everywhere. He is super social and loves his people too. Opie has begun house training, has learned to use the doggie door (well to go outside, not necessarily to potty!) and is working on crate training.


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