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Single black/white male looking for companionship.

Hi Quade here. I’m a middle aged guy at 8 looking for someone to share my life with. I love life and all it has to offer. One of my favorite pass times is playing soccer. It’s very exciting herding it this way and that then back to you to give it another kick. After a good ball game I usually head to the pond for a swim to cool down.

Another favorite of mine is to join you on a good long walk/jog. So many sights, sounds and especially smells to check out. I’m in tip top shape and would do my best to keep you that way too. Don’t worry I’ll be a gentleman about it as I walk politely on a leash.


I am of course housetrained, crate trained and know several basic commands. My foster Mom has been doing some rally work with me. I enjoy that immensely as I love to train and just spend time with my person. I like nothing better than to settle in somewhere near you for the evening.

I have this funny little habit of smiling sometimes when I meet people. It about scares the bejesus out of some of them and that makes me smile on the inside too. You see I’m a real sweetheart and love everybody. I need a little snuggle time each day but I am a guy after all full of confidence and can be on the independent side now and then. Like my recall, hey sometimes I just have better things to do, you know. But my foster Mom is changing my mind on that day by day. She has the most awesome treats, pretty hard to stay away from those.

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Now in my new home I would love some cats. I sometimes gently put my paw on them thinking they will play but so far no takers. But at this time in my life I tell each and every dog I meet that I want to be an only child, well dog. I just don't seem to get along with other dogs that well. For the most part I ignore other dogs that are at least ten feet away (hoping they will just disappear). But actually living with another dog, my foster Mom hasn't found a treat that good yet. LOL

I have to give her credit here because she keeps trying. Maybe someday but for now I’m holding onto my only dog status!

So if your home meets my criteria drop my foster Mom a line and she’ll be in touch. You may have just found yourself a great companion and new best friend.

Quade is being fostered in southern Maine.

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