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Quincy ~ ADOPTED


Well hello there, let me introduce myself, my name is Quincy. I meet each and every day with great enthusiasm. Being a purebred border collie and only 3 years old I'm a very busy boy. I led a sheltered life before I came into foster care. Now I'm learning what the world is all about.

You should see all the new stuff I've been trying on for size. I've found that I love to travel. I'm always up for a trip! You pick the place and I'm ready to go! It's the journey not the destination you know.

I've started to find out what agility is all about too. I can do jumps, pause table, A-frame and the tunnel. I even went over the dog walk a few times. Phew that thing is long and narrow but I was brave, made it all the way across. I'm such a pushover when it come to treats.

On one of the trips I took you would never believe what I got a chance to do. I took a test, yes a test is what they called it. I was tested on sheep! I'm thinking I did a great job because everyone had such big smiles on their faces when I came out of the sheep pen. You know I'd like to take that test again!! That was so much fun and for some reason I don't really understand yet I seemed to just know what was expected of me.

My foster Mom gets very excited about how I love to train and told me I'm a quick study. Study??? I don't think so, I didn't even study for my test on sheep!! I've learned a few commands already like sit, down, stay, off, leave it, crate, in and touch.

Photo by Joy Elliot

I love staying close to my person following them from room to room. Outside my foster Mom says I have an awesome recall. My favorite game is to race around with my three new border collie sisters. To be honest about it, now and then I do my best to herd them. I must say they are not very co-operative.

I still have a few things to learn; loud noises sometimes scare me. Once I get use to what noises are normal for my new home, I'm cool. When I'm inside I'm pretty nosy about everything that goes on outside. When I'm out and something happens, I head for the security of the house. Some people would call me a scaredy cat but I say I just need more experience. I'm a little shy/timid, so I'll need someone with patience to continue showing me the world is not such a scary place. I have come so far already and I'm ready to explore the world with my new family.

One more thing I should mention since we're talking loud noises; if you are looking for a jogging partner I'm not sure I would be a good fit. Well, off-road trails I'd love but the street has loud truck/motorcycle noises that sends me looking for cover. Gosh they are so loud and close it frightens me. Maybe someday I'll be brave but as of this moment it's not going to happen.

The last thing you really need to know about me is I absolutely must have my cuddle time. I'm a very affectionate guy you know. I might take a little time to warm up but once I do watch out! I guess that's about it for me but my foster Mom has a few things to add.

Thank you Quincy for leaving me a little space here. Quincy is such a joy to foster; he is very loving, devoted and obedient. He has just turned 3 so can be a little over the top at times but does settle well in the house. His antics playing with toys will keep you in stitches, makes me smile every single day.

He has character and personality to spare. His tail is forever wagging unless he decides he wants to growl at a hornet on the window. He will grumble like this at the oddest things. I believe much of this is do to his inexperience as it has greatly lessened as he has become accustomed to the world around him.

You may have noticed Quincy on the website earlier this year, he was placed on a trial basis which didn't work out. We will be looking for an active family with lots of BC experience that can provide plenty of exercise to keep him happy. If you like the quirkiness of the breed Quincy won't disappoint you there! A home with just one confident dog would suit him best. My three BCs can be way to stimulating for him at times. We have found Quincy does best on a raw diet. Do to his sensitivity to motion he will not be placed with a family with children under the age of 12.

Check out Quincy in action...

Videos by Katie Anderson

Quincy is being fostered in southern Maine.

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