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Oh hi! My name is Raven but they call me 'Rai-rai!' And I am here to find a new home!

My foster mom says I am a sweetheart. I love to snuggle, give kisses, roll over for belly rubs and if you let me, I will crawl up next to you on the couch or plop myself right down by your feet and stay there the whole night! You see, I really like my people! And I like little people too! They call them 'children' and I try to wiggle out of my skin whenever I see them. I can be little bouncy, though, so if you have little people, they need to be big enough so that I don't accidentally knock them over!

The other thing I really seem to like is my jolly ball. If you don't know what jolly balls are, you need to do some research. See, jolly balls are awesome! They are like 10 on the border collie awesomeness scale! There is only one thing more awesome than a jolly ball, and that's - you guessed it - a human throwing a jolly ball. Or kicking one. Can you throw it already?!

I am also a big fan of hiking and walking in the woods. We do that every day here! And just this past weekend, I learned to swim! It felt little strange at first but I got it. I think. My foster parents laughed a lot (how rude!) but I didn't drown. I think that means I learned to swim?

While I take most of everything in stride, I do seem little nervous in a busy urban environment. I lie down every time I see a car, and so city walks turn into a long series of push-ups, hehe! I think I would prefer to live in a quieter setting (suburbs would be fine!).

I would also like to go to a home where I won't be home alone all day long. Few hours are fine and I am happy to hang out in my crate or on the couch while you are away, but I would really like to spend a lot of time with you!

I am fine meeting other dogs and living with them too. They are ok but I don't really play with them or anything... in fact, I wouldn't mind if I had my people all to myself! Being a border collie, I have a great ol' time herding kitties. Therefore, I could only live with cats that are very dog savvy and won't mind being stalked!

Now let's talk about you! If you have an approved application on file and if you think you might be just the home I am looking for, then shoot my foster parents an email. I am spayed, up to date on all shots and ready to find the perfect home!

I currently live with my foster family in Western Massachusetts, but we often vacation in Central New York.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


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