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Rebel was rescued from a situation where he lived with numerous other dogs but little to no interaction with people. As a result he is very under-socialized. He is a sweet, loving and very shy boy. He gets along well with his canine foster brothers and sisters although he doesn't yet try to actually play with them. As much as he likes to run when outside, he settles beautifully when he goes indoors and will soak up all the petting and attention that he can get.

Now about his shyness - it takes a while for Rebel to be comfortable with new people, places and things. They must be introduced slowly and with lots of treats! Patience is a must with this dog, but someone willing to spend time with him will be rewarded with a great friend.

Rebel would do best in a home with no cats as they get him really excited and he could injure a cat by accident. Although his foster family is working with him on recall and clicker training, he will need to have a fenced yard as if he is really startled/scared, he tends to hide and might not even respond to familiar people. Besides, he is quite athletic, loves to run, and is so good on leash walking that he can only really stretch his legs while running free n his own safe yard.

Rebel is a pleasure to take for a leash walk, never pulling, not interested in other dogs or people. Rebel has not been around children and would probably do better in a childless enviornment due to his fears. He likes to ride in the car and does very well in a crate or doggy seat-belt. He stays off of furniture inside the house, and has never had an accident indoors. He only chews things meant to be chewed (bully sticks, etc) and is just a really delightful dog who needs someone to spend time teaching him,and he needs a job as all border collies do.

Rebel is being fostered in upstate NY near the border of Southern VT. A positive reinforcement based training class private instruction will be a requirement of his adoption.

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