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Redmond ~ ADOPTED


Red is a 4 year old, rough coat, full prick ears red and white border collie. He loves to play ball, frisbie, fetch and tug. Now that isn't too unique among border collies, but how many border collies do you know that swim laps? Red loves the water and will actually swim laps in a pool.

Red loves to cuddle and be petted. He likes to be around his people at all time, so would be better suited to a home where someone is home most of the day. Red is good with children although at times will tug at pant legs when he gets too excited.

Red knows sit, stay, come, and paw. His "down" needs work. He pulls hard on the leash, but with an EZ walk harness, he does much better. He shows no interest in running off when he is off leash, preferring to be with his people.

His original owner reported that he was sensitive to loud noises, but his foster family has not had an issue with him and loud noises. He does get very excited and bark when a lawn tractor or dirt bike is running nearby and he tries to bite at the tires of them both while they are running and after they are turned off. He also will bark if you are on the telephone. While his foster home has been working with him on these issues, they will require continued work by his new family.

When Red came into foster care, he had several bad habits including incessant barking, counter surfing and mooching at the table. He has stopped counter surfing and mooching at the table, and the barking has diminshed greatly. Red will still "demand bark" for attention, and this will need more work by his new family. A positive reinforcement-based training class is being required as part of his adoption contract.

Red was a little overweight, but he is slimming down nicely and getting lots of exercise. He showed some signs of muscle atrophy in his back legs due to lack of exercise, but his muscles are now building up nicely. Due to his odd gait, x-rays were done of his hips and those showed mild hip dysplasia, however the vet didn't think he will ever need surgery and suggested joint supplements might help.

There are two other border collies and a dog savvy Siamese cat in his foster home, and Red has been peacefully co-existing with all of them. He has been good at the vet's office and also at the groomer's.

Red is being fostered in central NH.

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