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Reese is a 5 year old, smooth coat boy. He weighs a fit, 40 lbs. He has the coolest, intense Border Collie stare which can change instantly to the softest, most pathetic look of love. When his ears are up one of them has a slight tip to it like a gentleman wearing a top had at a jaunty angle. This boy is so sweet that I named after my favorite candy! When we get silly, I call him my 'Reese's Pieces'!

Reese a real love but! He is extremely affectionate and loves to be with his people, but is does not have a problem being by himself during the day. He actually likes his crate and will often go there to nap or put himself to bed at night. Reese does like for his crate to be his sanctuary. He gets along fine with other dogs but actually will ignore them for the most part. He is way more interested in what his people are doing and hanging out with them.

Going for a walk? What about a ride in the car? You have a friend in Reese! He walks very well on a leash and rides quietly in the car. Just the words, “Walk” or “Ride” make him jump up and race to the door, wagging and grinning from ear to ear.

Want to play fetch? You got it! Reese will catch and return a ball and is truly exceptional at catching Frisbees! A game of tug?....Absolutely! If you can't decide, he will choose for you by digging through the toy box and picking out the toy of the day and dropping it in your lap. When told that play time is “All done”, he will take his toy and go, albeit with a slightly pathetic look of rejection on his face.

So why is he here in our rescue? Well, he is a Border Collie and he likes to herd. Apparently, he herds bicycles. We were told that he has nipped at some ankles of someone riding by on a bike. Not in aggression, but in an effort do the job that he was bred to do.

I have tried to induce herding nips by running around with him and getting him excited to see what his threshold is, but have not be able to trigger a herding nip. I assume it is a bicycle thing, but want to error on the safe side. It is for this reason, that Reese will not be placed in a home with small children even though he has proven to be a gentle, polite boy. He responded with quiet curiosity to a cat, but I cannot say for sure that he would not chase a cat that runs away. He would probably think it was a great game to play.

Reese also will not go to a home that has or plans on using an invisible fencing system. It seems that at some point in the past, he has had a bad experience with that type of fencing as the high pitched beeping of the microwave sends him scurrying for and scratching at the door in a panic to get away. These fits of panic at the beeps are slowly but surely decreasing in intensity. A hard fenced area is mandatory for Reese's new home as his recall is improving but still a work in progress and because of his past habit of chasing bicycles.

We have been fostering dogs for about six years and I must say that Reese was truly the saddest, most broken hearted dog I have ever had because of the loss of his beloved family. When he first arrived he was desperate to go home.

Anxiety turned into depression. He curled up in the corner, facing the wall His tail would not wag and he refused to even eat. He even walked with his head hung low and would stand at the gate, willing it to open so he could try to find his way home.


Eventually, Reese has found his way out of the darkness back into the light. We have had the joy of watching him turn into a happy, silly, playful and loving boy. Reese's next home has to be his last as he bonds so deeply with his people, his heart would most certainly shatter if he had to leave again.

Are looking for a sweet boy to keep you company on walks and car rides? Wish you had a partner to play fetch with? Would you like to be loved and absolutely idolized? Perhaps this special boy is supposed to find his way to you.

Reese is being fostered in Western Massachusetts.


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