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Reno is a tri-color purebred border collie surrendered to rescue because of his high energy and anxiety living with children. Because of this, he will not be placed in a home with children under the age of 10.

He loves everyone and everything: you, the Frisbee, strangers, treats, training, cats, stuffed animals, food, life - everything. And fetch! Fetch happens with anything and everything all the time!

If you adore border collies in their purest form- high energy, athletic, funny, eager to please, enthusiastic, driven, biddable, loving, cuddly, fun, busy, quirky- this is your dream dog. Reno will not be satisfied with a short Frisbee game and a walk in the park. Reno needs a job.

Reno requires a new family who will not only be dedicated to interacting with him in active ways on a daily basis and giving him many outlets for his energy, but also increasing his confidence and focusing his drive through any or all of the following: manners training, agility training, trick training, trail running, fetching, dock diving, Frisbee competitions, nosework, treibball, flyball. Allowing him to continue learning how to entertain himself is important, but he will probably try to also "help" around the house, such as following you to get the mail, to get the laundry, around the kitchen as you cook or do any other chores insides or outside. If you are looking for a quiet, calm house-dog, Reno would drive you crazy with his passion for life and fetching everything in it.

Reno absolutely loves to ride in the car, walks well on a leash, and has both a solid recall and an "off button." He already has a great foundation in clicker training and knows all the basics, as well as a few bonus tricks: no cat, get it, find the ball, let's dance - and many more! Reno will work to exhaustion and without caution for hazards, such as cars, so his new family will need to help him regulate his exercise and keep him safe. He does not require a fenced yard because he likes to stay by his family, but one is preferred.

Reno does exhibit some repetitive and neurotic behaviors including shadow chasing, compulsive licking of his feet, and the *constant* need to fetch. These anxious behaviors are not overwhelming, and since he has been in rescue and given alternative behaviors to do instead, the frequency of the less desirable behaviors has decreased significantly. Reno has also learned to calm down, relax, and appears happier in general since he has started wearing a ThunderShirt.

Reno is great with cats, even initiating playing with them, and he is good with other dogs. Since he is serious about his fetching job, he does better with dogs that give him space and will not take his toys. He may not be compatible living with another high-drive, toy-focused dog, but all situations will be considered if other requirements are met.

Reno is currently being fostered in southwest CT.


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