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Rhese is a 1.5 year old black and white purebred border collie with a medium rough coat and prick ears. She weighs approximately 30 pounds and is a total SPITFIRE.

Rhese goes by a few nicknames, but mostly it's Monkey, because she's a climber. She will climb right up onto you for pets and to show you whatever squeaky toy she is currently fascinated with. We're trying to discourage this behaviour, and she's catching on, but this was clearly a behaviour that is hardcoded into her.

Rhese has AMAZING physical skills. She can (and will, believe me) jump from a dead stop straight up 6 feet in the air. She's very quick and very fast. There is a potential agility champion in there someplace, but it's going to take some training to get it out of her.

Because she was relinquished to rescue for growling at a child, Rhese will only be placed with older, dog savvy kids, if at all. She has shown some resource guarding with high value food, especially with dogs (from within her crate while she has food).

Rhese loves people and is perfectly fine with the two male dogs and two cats in her foster home. However, she seems to be reactive towards strange female dogs in the limited exposure she's had during her time in rescue. She seems unsure of how she's supposed to act with new dogs, so I think with more exposure, she'll feel increasingly comfortable. Rhese is crate trained and is currently being raw fed, though she'd transition to any quality grain-free kibble with no problem.

The potential for this dog is staggering. She is a total sweetheart, as cute as sin and physically gifted. If you have border collie experience and you're looking for your next Q machine and you're a good positive reinforcement trainer, Rhese could be the dog for you.

Rhese is spayed and UTD on shots. She's being fostered in Central MA.

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