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Riddle ~ ADOPTED



Riddle is a truly delightful and fun loving dog! Do not let the fact that he is 11 years old fool you, he is in excellent health and has a great time to chase Frisbees or soccer balls. Sometimes he even plays by himself, throwing a squeaky toy or jolly ball around and chasing after it. He also likes to cool off by splashing around in the puppy pool after a play session.

Riddle gets along well with other dogs, having spent some time living with 4 other dogs of varying ages/genders/temperament, and got along with them all very well, even enjoying wrestling matches with one of them.

He enjoys going for walks and is a good walking companion with his easy walk harness. He is practicing sitting when a car goes by as they do get him a little excited. Tasty treats really help here. For this reason, preference will be given to a home with a fenced yard, or a securely fenced area available nearby for daily exercise. When not in a fenced yard, he will need to be on a long line or leash at all times, to avoid a potentially deadly accident with a car, as his former owners reported he tries to "herd" cars by biting at the tires.

Inside his foster home, Riddle is quite a gentleman. He does not counter surf (steal food from counters) and has not even tried to climb onto the furniture.

He is very affectionate, and loves attention and petting, often trying to get your attention by giving you his paw. That works every time in his foster home!

He is a good passenger, and likes to ride in the car. He does well in either a crate or a doggy seatbelt.

Riddle would do best in a home where there are no cats as he gets very excited when he sees one, and might be inclined to chase a cat if given the chance.

He is good with children although on the taller side for a border collie so could potentially knock little ones down. His previous family had a baby and he lived with them until the child was 4 years old, reportedly without any problems.

Riddle is looking for a home where he can have an active retirement and get all of the love he deserves.

Riddle is being fostered in Maine.

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