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Riley is 11 years young, so don't let that double-digit number fool you. He might qualify for the Seniors for Seniors program, but he needs someone that is active and willing to fulfill his needs to play fetch ALL. THE. TIME. He's game to play with whatever toy (or thing) he can pick up. He has been known to even grab a piece of bark when toys were scarce. He will most definitely pile toys on you and then stare at you until you toss it while you watch tv. Wearing him out with fetch and walks is highly recommended.

He will also bark at you with a toy in his mouth while bouncing toward you on both front feet. He is, after all, a typical border collie with things to do and games to play and energy to burn. If he isn't kept engaged he might find other things to do, such as investigating the woods for small furry creatures. For this reason, a hard fence is required.

Riley will not be placed in a home with cats due to his high prey drive. Also, he most likely will do best as the only dog in a household, but his "only-dog 'that's mine'" attitude can be managed around other dogs who give him his space and don't try to take his toys from him. His placement in a home with other dogs will required his new family to be committed to slow introductions and managing his interactions with other dogs to ensure the most success.

Riley is and looks otherwise very healthy, and from the uninformed observer's point of view Riley moves and acts like a much younger dog.

Riley's new family will not be let down for their taking care of him in his golden years, for Riley is also full of wiggles and wags and snuggles and soft kisses that he wants to share. Riley really enjoys meeting everyone and has a very soft and friendly approach to all new friends. He easily gets new people to play his game of fetch, but also loves to curl up next to someone's feet to snooze.

While in foster care, Riley has been introduced to a raw diet, as well as some supplements to help improve and maintain his health. Besides whole fish, which he doesn't yet quite understand, Riley has been loving his new dinner menu and would ideally like to remain on this diet. His skin and coat are benefiting from this diet plus fish oil supplements.

You can check out this website http://rawfed.com/myths/feedraw.html for more information about the raw diet, or ask Riley's foster mom any questions.

Check out Riley in action...

Riley is currently being fostered in New Hampshire.

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