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Riot is an 18 months old purebred, red tri border collie. As his name indicates, he is a fun and active border collie! Riot is in rescue because city life was a bit too hard with strangers and activity at every corner and with no real outlet for his energy. He was exhibiting fear aggression and has now been in foster care for a month in the country. He is doing much better and has been able to accept both strange people and dogs both inside the home and outside at area agility trials when he travels with his foster family.

Riot has a nice "drive" and is enjoying learning about agility and how to play games like "touch" and "tug." He is in a home with several other dogs and doing well except when food is involved. He will try to push another dog out of the way of their food dish and his foster family is working on this. He has gotten much better at allowing other dogs next to him to receive treats, patiently awaiting his turn as he gets a "timeout" if he tries to get pushy. This is also easily managed by feeding in separate rooms or crates but the foster home is choosing to work on this behavior with him at this time.

Riot is also a very loving dog. He enjoys flopping onto your lap for pets and belly rubs. He is a fast learner and enjoys working for treats, toys, and praise.

Because of his past behavioral issues, Riot will only to go to a border collie experienced home. Preference will be given to someone who will engage him in a dog sport to keep his brain and body engaged so he does not regress with the progress he has made. He will not be placed in a city or suburban environment. He will not go to someone who uses force-based methods of training, only positive-reinforcement homes will be considered.

Riot will need a fenced yard where he can be exercised aerobically daily. The foster home will consider a home without a fence if the exercise plan is felt to be suitable for Riot. He will not be placed with children or where children visit frequently. Another dog who enjoys playing chase and bitey-face games would be great for Riot as well. Other dogs in the home should not be fearful and should be a good role model for Riot to continue his newly-found excellent social skills.

We do not know how he is with cats but suspect if he is bored, he will chase them.

Riot is a very special boy and will remain in foster care until the perfect home is found for him. He is being fostered in upstate New York.

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