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If you're looking for a dog with a golden retriever type personality with some border collie quirks, then River could be the dog for you!

River is an almost 8-year old neutered male black and white border collie. Unlike many border collies he is extremely friendly and social with everyone he meets, including children. Very little phases him and he will immediately go up to strangers and sit down at their feet waiting to be petted and given a treat. He loves belly rubs too.

He has very good house manners and is non-destructive. He does destroy dog toys on a daily basis though. River already knows sit, down, and stay. He does not respond to come yet. Although a fence is not a requirement for River, he must remain on leash while not in an fenced in area. This is due to his lack of a recall at this time. He will not come when called. This is also why River has a training requirement for his adoption. He will need to take a positive reinforcement training class with his new owner to learn "come" and to build a bond with him/her.

River is great with other dogs (he currently lives with four other dogs in his foster home). He does tend to try to herd them and will take a toy and play growl while jumping around the other dogs. River is non-aggressive with other dogs. He will not start a fight intentionally and will not growl or lift his lip at another dog. He is very submissive to other dogs and will back down immediately if he is confronted. He is very playful and can get hyper at times (like most border collies), but he will settle in his crate and at night. He is generally fairly laid back, but has his moments of energy and barking.

River is very reactive to cats so will NOT be placed in a home with cats.

River LOVES toys. He loves to destroy them. He loves to carry them around and shake them. He doesn't fetch yet though. He especially loves tugging toys and treat dispensing toys... But any toy will do! He loves them all!

At 58 lbs., River is also overweight. He needs to lose about 8 lbs. He is working very hard on his diet (he is only fed one small meal in the mornings with very few treats) and he is given plenty of time to exercise and run. He loves to eat so this must be carefully monitored.

River has such an endearing, social personality he may have therapy dog potential. He would make a great family dog. Just as long as the family is understanding to his quirks and obsessions and can manage them properly.

River is being fostered on Long Island, New York.


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