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Roosevelt ~ ADOPTED



Roosevelt is a very handsome red and white border collie with a split face (half white, half brown) and one blue eye and one gold eye. He recently celebrated his first birthday, is up to date on all his vaccines and will be neutered shortly.

He gets along with other dogs, and really enjoys chasing them while they are chasing after toys! He is learning to chase after toys himself, as well! He just adores people and loves attention and petting. He does have a very bad habit and launching himself at any toy that you may pick up and biting wildly at it. When he does this, he chomps down on the first thing he gets to, which, if it's not the toy but instead your hand or arm, can be a problem. He's not trying to be aggressive, but he gets really fired up about that toy, and forgets himself. For this reason, although we are working with him on this, we are not comfortable placing him in a home with children. Although, as we said, he does adore everyone, we don't want someone to get hurt by mistake.

Similarly, when out and about and playing Roosevelt can be a bit of a bull in a china shop, often not realizing that the people won't just move out of his way like the other dogs do. This can sometimes lead to him colliding into someone. He is learning to maneuver around these silly human obstacles the same way he does the solid obstacles he encounters, but we would be cautious about placing him in a home with people who are fragile or frail.

Roosevelt has a few requirements of his new home as well. He wants there to be other exciting and active dogs who like to play fetch, that he can chase around, and play tug and wrestle with. He would also prefer to go to a home where someone is around much of the time so he can hang out and enjoy their company.

He insists his new family have a nice big fenced yard for him to race around in, and also asks that they are outdoors oriented so they'll hang out with him when he is enjoying that yard, and take him on hikes and walks! Finally, he does require his new person to be willing and able to lift him as needed. If he could find a family that had a nice open concept floorplan in their house, that would be a huge added bonus. Oh, and he doesn't do more than a few stairs, so that's where the willing and able to lift him comes in.

Besides just being a really special pup, Roosevelt does have an legitimate excuse for all his special requirements. You see, you was born without usable front legs! So, he can only run and race and chase and collide when he is in his cart from Eddie's Wheels for Pets! He can only be in his cart when his people are right with him and watching, because otherwise, he may rollover and be stuck on his back like a turtle! This does happen and he's good about laying there and waiting to be righted, but he must be supervised so someone sees him right away if he falls so they can help him.

He is happy to be out of his cart when you are gone or busy. He is very happy getting up on an easy chair and curling up, or stretching out, while he waits. He'll get up in the evening at bedtime and stay there all morning until it's time to go out to potty. He really, really doesn't like to go in his crate. He'll let you and all your neighbors know his displeasure. But he's happy and quiet and not destructive at all just hanging out by himself, or with his doggie foster sisters, in the house.

Roosevelt is first, by far, a border collie, and second, a special needs pup. Really he doesn't require any extra special care, only a safe place to race and play. He has many, many years ahead of him to entertain you with his delightful personality. We did consult with an orthopedic surgeon and the conclusion is that surgery to attempt to fix his legs would not be in Roosevelt's best interest.

Roosevelt's cart needs regular attention, ensuring all the screws are tightened on a regular basis. That's pretty much all the maintenance it needs!

Roosevelt has been eating a raw diet since he came into rescue, and he is just thriving on it. Ideally, he will go to a home willing to continue to feed him this diet. We are happy to work with his new family on this. He has been eating a prey model raw diet that is very simple to feed. This diet will help ensure a long and healthy life for our boy, maintaining his bright clean teeth, shiny coat, and robust health.

Roosevelt will need continued work on leash walking skills, and like any young border collie, would benefit from attending a positive reinforcement based training class at an approved training facility, so this will be a requirement of his adopters.

Roosevelt will need continued work on leash walking skills, and like any young border collie, would benefit from attending a positive reinforcement based training class at an approved training facility, so this will be a requirement of his adopters.

We know getting everything on our list of "Roosevelt's Ideal Home" may not be possible, but we certainly want the very best fit we can find for him. If you feel you may be a candidate, please contact us today!

Roosevelt is being fostered in upstate NY.

For more great photos and VIDEO of Roosevelt in action, check out his blog!

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