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Rosie O'Grady is a 14 month old purebred smooth coat female border collie. She was born in Ireland and when her folks had to move back they did not want to put her in quarantine so they relinquished her to a shelter who contacted rescue.

Rosie is a petite little girl, all of 18" tall if that. She has a lot to learn about the world but she is gaining fast! She has been attending an agility foundation class and has learned that lying down on the mat is what gets the rewards and that when foster mom says "look at that!" she can look at the activity and then turn right back to foster mom for a reward. She needs these basics because without them she will revert to barking and reacting at the other dogs running agility nearby. It is not hard to do but it will have to be consistently practiced in a number of locations. Her progress has been remarkable.

Having other dogs in the household is new to Rosie O'Grady. At first she would not allow any other dogs in the proximity to her foster parents but now because she gets NO attention if she protests another dog arriving she is getting much better. Because of this though we are looking for an experienced home for Rosie with no children.

Rosie is an excellent agility prospect. She has it all, drive, attention, focus, and she is very bonded to her humans. She is smart as a whip and is also quite fearless once she knows her environment. Her old owners reported that she did not like water and we have found that not only will she swim across the pond at her foster home, she will leap from the boat into the water without hesitation going for a toy!

She met the resident kitty and was very respectful. The resident kitty does not venture out too much in the household so it has only been the one time but there was nothing "evil" in the greeting at all so we have no reason to expect that would change.

Rosie O'Grady is up-to-date on vaccines and preventative, she is spayed and microchipped. Continued positive (reward-based) training will be a requirement of her adoption. Because of her great potential her foster home is going to consider agility homes first for her.

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