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Hello everyone!!!
My name is Rue or 'Lu La Rue' as my foster mom calls me because it is so much fun to say. It is too!! Just try it! Say, "Lu La Rue" really loud!! Bet you can't say it without smiling!!!

When I first came to stay with my foster family, I had a different name. My foster mom didn't think it suited such a cute girl like me so she and my foster dad came up with a name the day they were making the LONG drive back to the house.

They named me La Rue which is French for 'the road'. It has been a long and sometimes rough and lonely La Rue for me. It is a good thing that I am an eternal optimist by nature. I know I am on the homestretch to finding the best home ever!

I am about 15 months old and I am looking for my forever home. I am so sweet that you could give you a cavity! I am super cute, athletic, playful and busy! I am not hyper but I do love to play. I am trying so hard to learn NOT to jump up on my people when I first see them come home. I self correct after that initial jump. Luckily, I am pretty gentle about it. When I meet new people, I don't jump on them at all, just the ones I am so, so happy to see again!

I have never met a person or dog that I didn't like! Little kids, big kids and dogs of all shapes and sizes! I met a cat once and I liked him too, but I figured out pretty quickly that the feeling was NOT mutual. Apparently, when kitties arch their backs, it is not the feline version of a play bow. I was not rough or rude; I just wanted to take a sniff... then maybe bat his head with my paw which is my signature 'play with me' move.

I love the company of other dogs can be pretty determined to get them to play with me. I also love to play with toys and often will entertain myself with them. It is not hard... Anything can be a toy if you use your imagination. Sometimes my foster mom will say, "Rue! That is NOT a toy! Go get a toy."

When I go get something that is not a toy; that is called 'mischief'. So in short, it was 'mischief' when I got into and ate the fish food. When I grab socks and run away with them, steal pens, shred paper towels, grab my bowl and fling it around the kitchen pouncing on it... mischief! Bring my mom a dead frog from the yard that I dug up...mis-... wait... No. That was called, 'gross'.

I figured out that by toys; she means those different shaped things in the basket. Those are fun too!

Now I will let you know right away that I am VERY fast and agile! I know this because I have never met a dog that I can't out run, and that's saying something because I live with Border Collies!

I just zig and zag then turn on the jets! ZOOOMMM! My foster boy says I look like a cheetah when I run. That makes sense because I am kinda built like one. I am tall, thin and lanky. I do like to chase a ball or a Frisbee, but chasing and herding other dogs is my favorite thing to do! If I am outside by myself, I will play with my person and a toy. I am starting to really like the Frisbee.

When I herd the other dogs, I sometimes put my mouth on their back legs, but I never actually nip or bite. Because I am so fast, no one can get away from me! My foster brother and sister mostly just ignore me, but I bet I could show those sheepies a thing or two!

Now, another thing you should know about me is I am a get-in-your-personal-space kind of girl.

I want to be near you all the time and I am not shy about it. If you think you want a dog that will not get up on the couch with you...then you just need to go look somewhere else because I will tell you right now that I am a hard core, sprawled out, laying on my back, couch dog. My foster mom knows that some people don't like dogs on the couch so she kinda tried to discourage it. In the end, however, she just gave up. She said that I am... what was the word?...Oh yes! She said I was 'ridiculous!' I think that means that I am cute because she said it when we were snuggling...ON THE COUCH!!

Oh, and I feel the need to confess. I can't hold my 'licker'. Don't know what it is, I just feel the need to give you a kiss (or several) whenever I see you. You have been warned.

One more thing... Even though I never showed any symptoms, I tested positive for a tick borne disease called, Anaplasmosis. The doctor says that I will be good as new as soon as I finish my antibiotics. I don't know what she is talking about because, I never have felt better in my life!

So now that you know all about me... Tell me something about yourself.

Do you have one of those couch-things, like to cuddle and don't mind a kiss...or seven. I would LOOOVE to have other playful dogs around. Do you have any of them? What about toys? Do you have any cool toys and like playing and taking walks? How about a fenced yard? I might want one of those, not because I bolt, I don't do that. Most of the time I come when called, but sometimes I get wrapped up in walking around sniffing, exploring and forget to turn on my 'listening ears'. And squirrels, well... they just beg to be chased, don't they?

Do you think your home needs a cute girl that is fun to be around?

If you want to meet and hang out, have your people email my people! We can arrange a date!

Hope to see you soon!
Your friend,

Rue is being fostered in western Massachusetts

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