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Rupert ~ ADOPTED


Hi there!

I am kinda busy making sure my foster mom's and dad's laps are never empty so let me get to the point. I am Rupert, and I like

1. snuggles and belly rubs
2. going for long walks
3. playing with other dogs
4. playing fetch (but not obsessively so)
5. filling my tummy with yummy food.

Are you game? If so, go ahead and fill out an application so we can get the paperwork part that's standing between me, your lap and my fetch toys out of the way!

Now, let's talk some details. I am really not sure if I am a full border collie. My foster parents say I am at least half of a border collie - not sure what they mean by that because I counted all my paws and they are there, and so is my tail and ears and everything else that a full border collie would have. Go figure. But listen, whatever that other part of me might be, it makes me sweet and little more mallow than the purebred crazy dogs! I even like to take naps at times.... zzzzzzzzzzzz...... that way, you can sneak in some dish washing and laundry in between throwing toys for ME and cuddling with ME! Ha!

Did I tell you I like food? Well I do. Little too much. So I am on what they call a 'diet'. Personally, I think the silly humans are trying to starve me but nobody listens to what I have to say. I also like to talk - the doggie way. I talk to alert you that someone is outside, I talk when I am soooo excited I can't stand it, I talk when playing. Yes, I talk. Being a dog, that's the only way I can give you "clues" to what I need. The silly humans call it 'barking' and 'woo-wooing', I call it 'communicating'!

What else... well, I also like long walks and I am pretty good about coming when my foster parents call. Well, except when there is another dog in sight. Then I go and play with them instead because I like playing with other dogs. Foster mom says that's something you and I will have to work on if you adopt me.

While I lived with a little kid before, I occasionally become little concerned when someone handles me, and so I can only go to a home with older little humans (7+).

By now, you might be wondering about why someone would give up the great dog that I am. Well, my previous family found me on a street when I was a teeny, tiny puppy. They adored me and my border collie brother, but dad kept getting deployed and mom and the little human had to move often, and it just became too hard for them to keep up with our exercise and other needs. So they did the right thing and let me go and find the perfect new home for myself.

Finally, please know that I am ambitious and would like to learn more, and therefore attending a positive reinforcement training class is a condition for my adoption.

All for now, but keep checking the NEBCR blog cause I heard I will be making an appearance there soon!



Rupert is little over 50lb and is being fostered in upstate NY.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


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