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My name is Ryder. My friends like to call me Easy Ryder. They say I'm a middle aged, but I still feel like a spring chicken. I'm not sure if I'm going through a mid-life crises, but things sure have take a turn for the better in the past few weeks.

Most of my younger years where spent living outside. Some nice people came and picked me up. Now I have a comfy crate with a bed to sleep in. I had to learn to not go to the bathroom inside. I had an operation that helped me to learn that lesson. I learned how to use the dog door so I can go out when I need to. The doctor said I am in great shape for a man of my age.

My foster home has lots of doggie friends to play with all day. There are big dogs, little dogs and even a teeny, tiny puppy. My favorite buddy is a crazy English Setter. We love to wrestle and play tag outside in the fenced yard. There is a cat that hangs around too. I've met him on brief occasions.

My favorite thing to do is play fetch. I could play it aaaaaall day. Sometimes I get a little grumpy when one of my friends tries to take my ball away.



I love my foster family, but it sure would be super to have a family of my own. I think I'd do best in a home with another laid back dog. I don't need a lot of exercise, but it would be nice to have someone to throw a ball or Frisbee for me everyday.

I've not been around young kids, but I think older kids would be great for throwing the ball. Someone to scratch my neck and rub my belly would be awesome too. Did I mention I LOVE belly rubs and snuggling. I might be middle aged, but I still have lots of love and fun times to offer.

Ryder is being fostered in Eastern Massachusetts

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