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Sadie is a 3-year-old red tri rough coated border collie. Sadie came to us from a shelter after her owner was sent to jail. We do not know a lot about her background before arriving at the shelter.

NEBCR got Sadie's medical care updated and had her spayed. We also ran a full thyroid panel on her, as the obesity and behavior issues were indicative of a possible low thyroid level, but all was normal. She was quite fat upon arriving but lots of exercise and a healthy measured diet have got her figure back in a nice shape.

Sadie is a beautiful girl. She has been in foster care for a little while now while we get a handle on her behaviors and quirks.

Sadie is incredibly smart and quick to learn. She knows sit, paw, and speak without much prompting. She is very attached and snuggly to her foster family. She loves to play with toys, mostly just chasing them down and then expecting you to go and fetch them for her. She is beginning some agility in her foster home and she is quite agile and quite high drive - a lot of dog and eager to learn.

Sadie has some behaviors that require careful placement. She can only go to a very experienced dog person. She can only go to a child-free home. She has some mild resource guarding that we have worked on and it has gotten better. The new family will be shown how to work with Sadie on this so it is not an issue in her new home.

She is in a foster home with several dogs and seems to read dog language very well. She is, however, a bit of a queen herself so does try and assert herself over some of the other dogs in the household. She is respectful of the assertive dogs in the household but does challenge some of the others. She always defers to us and comes away from the trouble she starts without any issues.

We are also working on some handling issues with Sadie. She does not like being brushed on her back end. We are working on lots of short brushing sessions, going slowly, rewarding her for being calm and accepting the brush strokes.

Sadie is wary of new people but warms up once they just ignore her for a while. Like many dogs, direct eye contact is quite threatening to her. It is amazing how asking "strangers" to ignore the dog, have a seat, and eventually drop a cookie or two on the floor can work miracles with a dog like Sadie.

As I read this I realize that I have made her sound like a dog that no one could love, but really, we do, and we see a lot of promise in this young lady.

As I sit here typing this she is under my desk, Sadie is wagging her tail whenever I glance at her. It may take some time to find the exactly right home for Sadie, but it will be well worth the wait - for Sadie and her new family.

Sadie is lucky to have landed in rescue and whoever ends up adopting her will have a loyal, fun, and loving friend for life.


Sadie is doing extremely well with her foster family. She has been out and about to several different agility events and has been super at greeting people and showing them all of her tricks.

She is a very athletic young girl and we really think she would love agility. Her energy is boundless outside while playing with the other dogs in her foster home but she settles very nicely once indoors.

Sadie is not reactive at all towards other dogs while on leash. She is responding very well to positive training methods and is not the same dog at all that came into rescue a few months ago.

Sadie is being fostered in upstate NY.

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